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AIPT IDW Sonic the Hedgehog #63 Review (Spoilers)


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Sonic the Hedgehog #63 is brought to us by Evan Stanley on the main story, doing both writing and art with colorist Valentina Pino. It also features a backup story by Ian Flynn with art by Aaron Hammerstrom. Alrighty, let’s hop right in and see what’s in store this month!

Picking up from last time, this arc is all about the Diamond Cutters, and right away I wanna say that it’s a nice break from Sonic himself, ironic as that may be. He does share the backup with Blaze though, which is also a really neat little team-up to finally have in the book. Other than that, this book is mostly Blue Blur-lite, which is a pretty fun change of pace. It brings me back to the Archie days, where there was a larger rotating cast that shared a lot of the spotlight. Silver takes center stage in this one, fending off duplicitous attacks from the currently disguised Mimic, who infiltrated the group last time. I like that none of the characters are stupid about this, instantly recognizing something is off the moment “Duo” starts acting out of line. It’s a nice subversion knowing that this isn’t being dragged out in the overdone “nobody believes anybody else and they all start infighting out of paranoia” way that a lot of other media tends to favor. It’s also just fun seeing Silver get the spotlight, he’s a fan favorite (and author favorite, and that shines through in a really great way) and seeing all the love he’s been getting in recent issues has felt looooong overdue.

I really enjoyed reading this Issue #63 review by AIPT very well explained as well. I enjoyed reading this Issue myself on my Amazon Kindle app and looking forward to my 3 variant physical comics as well.

And giving it a score of 8 which Is just about right.

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