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SDCC 2023: We Check Out Sonic Merch At the LEGO Booth

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This topic was good and got turned into SDCC 2023: We Check Out Sonic Merch At the LEGO Booth at some point.

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SDCC started today, and our man on the ground, Jason Berry, has been posting photos and video to our Twitter all day! Among the things he did was swing buy LEGO’s booth, which has a veritable smorgasbord of brick-based Sonic toys and memorabilia.

The LEGO booth employs a neat aesthetic clearly banking on “Blockbuster” nostalgia. In addition to blue shelves that’ll be familiar to any 90s/00s kid, they even have cute little empty VHS boxes based on Sonic 1 and Sonic Generations:


The first thing convention goers will probably notice at the LEGO booth is this utterly massive Sonic LEGO statue. No, you cannot get one of these for yourself, though I’m sure some enterprising LEGO builders can make one:


Anyone who swings by the booth will also get a chance to play a demo of Sonic Superstars. The demo is limited to five minutes, but hey, at least you can come back later once you’re done. Unfortunately, much like the Summer Game Fest demo we previewed last month, it’s limited to single player.


 We also got our first look at some genuinely new merch, which has apparently been long rumored in the LEGO world: Brickheadz versions of Sonic and Tails. These are probably getting announced by LEGO officially on Thursday.


They’ve also got a bunch of upcoming LEGO sets on display, such as this awesome looking Death Egg LEGO robot set.


Check out photos of other upcoming LEGO sets, including Tails’ Workshop and Sonic’s Green Hill Loop Challenge, below:

Be sure to stay tuned to Sonic Stadium’s website, Twitter feed and Youtube channel for more San Diego Comic Con coverage!

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I love how Lego spent its time and passion making the giant Sonic logo statue! It looks so cool to see these things! I couldn't believe that a Sonic Superstars demo was there, I hoped whoever played it had a lot of fun! I love the new Lego sets and the upcoming Lego sets!

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Not gonna lie, these sets look awesome! Haven't played with Lego in years but maybe I'll take out the ol bin of em and play again.

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Those Lego Sonic sets looks absolutely amazing especially the bigger Sonic one too. Looking forward to getting them.

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