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Take A Tour of the Sonic Speed Cafe: Menu, Merch and Pricing Details Revealed


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The Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe is now open for business, and as you'd expect it is full of fast, filling Sonic food and fun! New images and details about the menu, merchandise and pricing have been revealed for anyone curious to find out before they visit (or stuck in the UK, like me - no, I'm not bitter).


These images come from the YouTube channel Parks and Cons (via the SDCC Unofficial Blog), who took the time to pop in to the pop-up on its early opening day yesterday. You can see the special branded packaging above that comes with your sides and chili dog - definitely worth unfolding and keeping if you're a dedicated merch hunter!



Speaking of sides and mains, it appears that we weren't told the full menu in our previous report by the restaurant organisers, as the above photos outline some helpful vegan options as well as alternative sides with some great names (we would totally go for a Chao Down Combo just for the title alone).



And here's the part that we're particularly interested in - the exclusive merchandise! You can order yourself a hoodie, hat or t-shirt, with an exclusive black t-shirt available in limited quantities for those ordering a "Gotta Go Fast" SDCC Bundle. We will have @Jason Berryvisit the pop-up to fully cover this as well as other Sonic elements of SDCC 2023, but I have to say personally I'm quite jealous that I won't be able to waste my credit card on the above items myself.

You can check out the full video from Parks and Cons below.

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Japan does this semi-regularly but I’m excited to see it be done over here as well. Hopefully there’s more to come with this sort of thing.

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That's actually a not a bad American menu for the Sonic Cafe. Wish in the future they can open a couple of more places in the States. Hopefully, expand the menus too.

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