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IDW Sonic Logoless Amy's 30th Anniversary Cover B


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Here's the logoless for Sonic The Hedgehog: Amy's 30th Anniversary, Cover B

aiming for shoujo visual cues, based a lot of this in a couple specific escaflowne promo arts



here's my thumbnails.

one's censored since it has the cast for the comic.

both aaron and me had talked before that it'd be fun to do something shoujo-based for amy. problem for me was, aaron did cover A, and already did the usual traits I'd go for, the 70s look like candy candy or attack no1 or rose of versailles- his cover already has the flowers, the watercolour, etc, all my main go-tos in what I really like on the art of shoujo manga and illustrations-

so I ended up realising I needed to switch approach- rather than manga, I had to take from anime.

Thumbnail A got picked, so off we went. For the outline inking and the shading, I looked at Cardcaptor Sakura. The eye especially was just drawn like a Sakura eye, and I'm happy it didn't get shot down.

However, Sakura while looking great has a specific stylisation that's kinda simple, and I wanted to go extra instead. Didn't want a simple cartoony wings, etc, since that was already the usual Sonic logo, right? So the BG and wings and feathers were drawn based on Escaflowne

I also looked at the highest quality transfers I could since the point wasn't to just look in the style of a 90s anime, but specifically like a cel. I failed in this aspect since I missed how the colour blocks actually look, but I'll do better next time lol happy 30th, amy rose

He mentions about the thumbnails he's done here they look amazing.


Love the art style of Amy here. Credits to IDWSonicNews for the Information. What you think of this?

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