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List of possible Sonic Dash and Forces Speed Battle upcoming characters leaked

Red Hot Jack

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I hadn't seen the video, but it was posted yesterday at some point and then went private, anyway the list of potential characters, which are

not confirmed even though this seems legit (they could be ideas) is this one:

Lego Sonic/Tails/Amy/Eggman 

Tech Knight Silver

Panda Amy

Sir Galahad 

Mummy Knuckles

Classic Super Sonic

IDW Surge

Santa Sonic

Warlock Infinite


Sir Galahad is also Silver, the multiplayer knight in SatBK, while Tech Knight could be his new variant, it's weird there might be 2 Knight Silver, but then again Lancelot also has 2 variants

Panda Amy seems the most unique event costume, while Mummy Knux is likely for halloween although I wish it was Prime related (probably not...)

IDW Surge is the most interesting one, it would be the third IDW character to appear, I hope she gets included, I remember Whisper also has a fire alt in the game, so technically the fourth comic character.

Classic Super Sonic was already announced in the Central, reinforcing everything else, but also the Lego ones sound plausible seeing the Lego collab with the series.

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Surprised the animal buddies  had not been added yet  

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I just want Neo Metal Sonic in Sonic Dash.

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Gimme Sticks and I can die content.

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