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SVTcc 2002: SonicAdventurer Talks Christmas Events and Sonic Shadows Reboot


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As we come towards the end of the first Sonic Comic Con, powered by SonicVerse Team, we catch up with event organiser SonicAdventurer to discuss the plans for Christmas. You might remember that the entire convention site could change, so we have an update on that. And, surprisingly, SA decided to share that one of SVT's comics could also be getting a complete overhaul.

The below is straight from SonicAdventurer himself:


Unconfirmed: (a) The Christmas special I've been working on isn't working out, due to new plans set forth on the remake of Sonic Shadows (more info about this below). Therefore, instead of a whole Christmas comic, there might be a Christmas comic strip or two instead. (b) SVT's classical SonicVerse Christmas specials might be included on the SCC site at Christmas time, giving you two Christmas comic classics plus a new (yet still unconfirmed) comic strip made specially for this season

BTW there's a SLIGHT chance I MIGHT close SCC a little early, so please get all the reviews you want outta SCC quick! I might not...but since it's going soo good, I don't want the fans to get tired of it. Let's hustle!

Oh and this is not really SCC related, but more SVT related. I've decided to redo the entire series of Sonic Shadows because I feel that currently, the art and writing work is lacking that 'oomph' that makes a comic great. The Sonic Shadows series was an idea concocted by yours truly after wanting to move on from our first series, Sonicverse. I wanted a comic that was all SegaSonic, and I gave the idea to Neon Chaos (of Shadow of a Hedgehog) to write it out. It turned out pretty good, but the idea he had in mind was to include an adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2 from issue 1. However, this was before Sonic Adventure 2 ever came out and the official storyline was really sketchy, so we had to assume a lot of stuff.

Pachacamac in the series was ORIGINALLY supposed to be Shadow, which is why he started out in a cloak from Issue 1. When issue two was being written, more info on Sonic Adventure 2 was released, and we realized our adaptation was NOTHING like the official storyline, so Neon tweaked it some. After issue three, he gave the series to me to write for temporarily due to time constraints on his part.

However, this gave me the opportunity to mould it into my own liking. I tried coming with an effective story plot, but found myself stumped and dragging the threat of Pachacamac over 11 issues! Although those issues are already written, it really took the excitement out of Sonic Shadows and what is was initially intended to present. Also, most of the issues are released in three to four month time gaps, with artists handing in their work incredibly late, not leaving much time for editing or coloring, which were the very things we had to drop, which hurt the series even more.

So finally, I've decided to start all over. New storyline. New everything. I myself will write and illustrate the entire series from Issue 1 until whatever issue. I'm looking for a very good cover artist. The remake will be released in February, with an intricate storyline that you'll find yourself get into from the very first page, I guarantee it.

I've gone into freelance right now, and the work you've seen me do before doesn't compare to what I can do when I'm giving it my all. You'll be heavily surprised that I can pull off a fan comic this way.

Also, the remake compliments SonicVerse Team's current partnership with The Sonic Stadium. With a fresh start, Sonic Shadows will be shared with TSS. With that new start in place, it ensures Sonic Shadows legacy in the fan comics fandom.


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