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Should Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have their own stories in the next Sonic game?

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Mmh, it all depends of how the story aim to be handled. I feel that if the game aim to be a "Sonic Frontiers but refined, and with multiple characters", I wouldn't be against having one big story where all are present, but we can decide who we play, or something like that (A bit à la Rush Adventure). So yeah, I don't think that it's a necessity that they have their "own stories", I feel that having the group in a bit of a "Sonic role" (basically being more "driver" of a story than the story being about them, something often common in Sonic's game) could be an interesting idea. (It's also make easier to integrate them without having strong stories to tell about them)

I wouldn't be against separate story tho, it all depends of what would actually be the story.

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I get the feeling that they will, but imo the big mistake the Sonic Adventure games made was pushing themselves on too many fronts at once with six characters in each game. I would be fine with characters playing a more active role in the game but I don't think it can be done well if you try to do it all at once. 

I also want them to give themselves space to keep developing Sonic's gameplay, since it's nowhere near where it should be re: Frontiers. I don't care how long it takes either. 

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