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Rumor: LEGO Sonic 2023 wave set numbers, prices, and details leaked by multiple LEGO news outlets

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This topic was good and got turned into Rumor: LEGO Sonic 2023 wave set numbers and prices listed by Falconbricks LEGO News at some point.

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Originally posted by FalconBrickStudios per tips via Promobricks, a German LEGO news site with a history of accurate set details and listing leaks, we now have a full Promobricks report on the described "Project Lemon" listing known details, set numbers, piece counts, and prices, corroborated in tandem by Brick Clicker:

(via Google Translate)

In the last few days, a new theme world codenamed Lemon has been making LEGO fans around the world sit up and take notice. Now we know: LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog is behind it ! After the popular video game character from the house of the Japanese publisher Sega already had its own LEGO Ideas set in early 2022 with the 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone , there should be a complete theme world in August 2023. The first wave consists of five different playsets.

As Brick Clicker reports, all sets will represent different level sections that can be combined with each other. The LEGO Ideas Set 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone already had a corresponding construction with Technic Pins and recordings, so that several sets could be combined to form a larger level.

LEGO Sonic sets with minifigures

Furthermore, Brick Clicker reports that there should be a big difference to the comparable LEGO Super Mario sets, which should also please all adult LEGO fans. In contrast to the Nintendo game world, the LEGO Sonic sets will contain normal minifigures, which make collecting the sets and the individual characters much more attractive.

Another special feature of the LEGO Sonic 2023 novelties should be a kind of launching device, which is included in every set. With this, the Sonic minifigure, which you have to put in a ball, can be shot through the corresponding level. What exactly the sets will look like and which minifigures will be included is not yet known.


Five new LEGO Sonic playsets are expected to appear in the first wave in August 2023. These range in price from around 30 to 100 US dollars. Unfortunately, the euro prices are not yet known, but they should be within a similar range and not deviate too much from them.

As one of our sources told us, there will likely be a selection of LEGO BrickHeadz in addition to the playsets. Since we have not yet been able to verify this with a second source, please consider this information as a rumor for the time being.


Listed set numbers, prices, part counts, and releases:

  • 76990 - 292 pcs, $29.99, 1/08/2023 (dd/mm/yy)
  • 76991 - 376 pcs, $39.99, 1/08/2023
  • 76992 - 388 pcs, $49.99, 1/08/2023
  • 76993 - 615 pcs, $59.99, 1/08/2023
  • 76994 - 802 pcs, $99.99, 1/08/2023
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  • The title was changed to Rumor: LEGO Sonic 2023 wave set numbers and prices listed by Falconbricks LEGO News
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There it goes my saving for the next year...

I often believe on LEGO leaks, so I can be kinda confident on this one. To bring more in depth questions, which sets/scenarios do you guys believe might be coming?

For a quick comparison, the Green Hill set was valued at $79.99 and included 1125 pieces. Judging by this, 4 sets will likely be smaller and one a much bigger set.

I believe for sure this indicates new minifigures will be made, so I'd say Tails and Knuckles are pretty much confirmed.

I'm curious if, by the design of the first one, they will stick with the classic era or might dare into modern levels.

I'm also very certain all of them will be made as dioramas just like Green Hill Zone, as it included Technic pieces for the ability to join other sets.

But I'm curious with the ideas. Part of me highly believe one of them will be more faithful to the original idea of the Green Hill set without redesigns. Another high contender is Chemical Plant, but I'm not sure if it has the appeal, same applies for Sky Sanctuary. One bet could be a city themed level, possibly City Escape or Speed Highway. I can also believe, at least one of them, might be tied up with Prime, but not sure on that.

Last, but not least, a good bet for the most expensive one is one that only hardcore fans would probably get, so my bets would go on something like a Death Egg or the Metal Sonic Stardust Speedway fight.

Hard to not be hyped, but for sure I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for all this, and I likely will have to pass on most of them.

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A bit of an update for the topic, as a second report has been corroborated by Brick Clicker:

Edit: Updated the OP with the full Promobricks report, as the original source for the information.

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  • The title was changed to Rumor: LEGO Sonic 2023 wave set numbers, prices, and details leaked by multiple LEGO news outlets

I'm intrigued by the notion of rolling a minifigure into a ball.  It's the most obvious play function for a Sonic toy but I'm drawing a blank on how it's even physically possible.

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On 12/27/2022 at 11:09 PM, babsiwuff said:

AAAAH I hope this is true!!!!  I really want a Sonic set with Tails in it!

Well i think i must making space in my display cabinet

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