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Welcome to Sonic Frontiers Week! New Theme, Reviews and Content Galore!

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Welcome to Sonic Frontiers Week! New Theme, Reviews and Content Galore! at some point.

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The day is finally upon us! Happy Sonic Frontiers Release Day, to all that celebrate (which would likely be pretty much everybody reading this)! We've all waited five long, hard years for Sonic Team's latest adventure, and with it we've kicked off a promising new era of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Who's excited!?

To celebrate, we're preparing a wealth of content on the Sonic Stadium website, forums and YouTube channel. For starters, take a look at this AMAZING new site theme! Called 'Final Frontiers', this will our default Sonic Stadium colour scheme, available to all users (members and guests) for the next couple of weeks.

2022-11 - Final Frontiers Light JPG.jpg

We styled the Light version of this theme using inspiration from the game's original 'glyph' key art, evoking the lost temples and crumbled ruins of the Starfall Islands. The light turquoise hues will no doubt have you contemplating about the past, just like Sonic.

2022-11 - Final Frontiers Dark JPG.jpg

Enter Dark mode and take a trip into Cyberspace! We themed the low-light version of this theme to channel the digital corruption that takes place in Sonic Frontiers, and hopefully you'll be able to browse the site while humming Tomoya Ohtani's fantastic action stage music at the same time.

Final Frontiers will be available to guests for a limited time, while logged-in Sonic Stadium members will be able to switch to this theme at any time after its run as the default site style ends.

While you're enjoying the face lift, we've got a whole bunch of content lined up throughout the week to entertain and inform you. Why not start with our definitive Sonic Frontiers review, where we gave the game a GOOD 3.5/5 Red Star Rings!



We'll have more opinion articles, editorials and news stories running through the week too - keep an eye on the Sonic News side of the Sonic Stadium to stay in the loop! And discuss the latest with your fellow Sonic fans on the SSMB Forums!

On our YouTube channel, we've been diligently adding gameplay and informational videos from the game itself. Take a look if you're interested! We'll cross-post the best ones on site!

All that said, we want you to enjoy the game for yourself as well - so have fun with Sonic Frontiers, and let us know what you think of our Frontiers Week content when you take a wee break from all the open-zone exploration! Have a great week!

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Using the dark mode version, and think it looks really nice. Got me to take a break from my beloved Catfish. 

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3 hours ago, Marcello said:

Using the dark mode version, and think it looks really nice. Got me to take a break from my beloved Catfish. 

Same here. Catfish is my default but this was a nice change of pace 

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Took a break from the Red vs Blue theme to give the dark theme of Frontiers' layout a shot. Very soothing and a nice change of pace too!

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