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Sonic Frontiers: Ares Island Music (Official Upload)

Shaddy Zaphod
Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into SEGA Releases Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack Studio Recording for 'Ares Island' at some point.

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Played on real instruments! That you get to see! Kinda wish they did that for other stuff.

Probably my favorite one we've heard in the whole thing. Brings the desert atmosphere across great while also feeling more upbeat than Kronos (I like a lot of cyberspace tracks but they don't exactly fit the environments).

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  • The title was changed to Sonic Frontiers: Ares Island Music (Official Upload)


I think I'm going to enjoy this game's soundtrack. Its like a more effective version of Dusty Desert from 06. The live instruments give it a lot more character.

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Posted By: Greatsong1

Aquatic Mine is one of my favorite Sonic level music ever, love this guy’s work.

Ares Island theme sounds nice.

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