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What if Konami made a Sonic arcade game?


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Remember all those arcade beat 'em ups Konami made based on popular cartoons? Such as TMNT: Turtles in Time? Well what if in the 90's Sega contracted Konami to make a Sonic game in that manner? Could they have incorporated Sonic's signature speed in an arcade brawler?

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Yeah, don't count on Konami doing anything cool anymore.
But that's what you got fangames for.
This one's been in circulation for a while:

Streets of Rage esque brawling with a huge variety of Sega characters, including most Sonic characters.
And some Konami characters for that matter.
It's not perfect, but might scratch that Sonic brawling Itch you have.

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I'd say speed doesn't generally mesh with the design arcade beat 'em ups but there work arounds like when hoverboards give the illusion of fast while maintaining the standard gameplay or there's the more extreme option of shifting genre for a fast section like Alien Storm.

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