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Sarah from the Sonic movie (the anime one from '99)...

Crystal Kingfisher

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Released as two volume OVA in Japan around 1993, it was dubbed and made into a single movie in 1999 by ADV. It's basically the only animated adaptation of the classic games that can actually be called an adaptation, and not "Sonic stuck into some other universe". The easiest place to find it would probably be Youtube, though I did find it on a torrent site a while back. The DVD is long out of print.

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I PERSONALLY think she's a cat. She was like, the best character in the entire movie lol xD

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Annoying or not, she was the direct cause of some of the most hilarious moments in the movie.

Yeah, I recognize that; I enjoyed that part where she was playing a video game with Robotnik. I just really hate her character though.
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The short answer is a catgirl.  The long answer is an extremely whiny, annoying little bitch of a catgirl.

Amen to that!


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