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Will We Ever See Rob O' The Hedge Ever Again?


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Short answer - No.

Long answer - Not in the form you probably enjoyed him in. Penders' lawsuit has erased Rob'O and a lot of other official characters from Archie Sonic. Not only are SEGA/Ian legally unable to use them again, but between the reboot, and Archie Sonic dying, leading to IDW, it was always no.

Ken Penders claims he intends to use Rob'O in The Lara-Su Chronicles, as Panda said above, but given how crappy Penders' writing is, and the fact that he's throwing shit at the wall in hopes of things sticking, as well as this book having been delayed for seven years now, and he's still only just discovering things important to the storyline, it's still probably no, and honestly, given how bad Penders' writing is, that's probably for the best.

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It's very, very unlikely that Rob O' the Hedge will ever reappear in an official piece of Sonic media, but remember that he can live on in fan works. You can always support and encourage anyone who makes fan art, fan fiction, etc. of him, or even create some of your own. I know it's not quite the same, but it can still be very enjoyable.

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57 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

I find it kinda interesting that there's a following for Rob, particular one that isn't often laced with derivative based cynicism.

Which was probably why Penders brought him up; just to gain some attention, as usual.

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