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Sonic The Hedgehog (1991): The Game That Won’t Go Away


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Let’s be honest here. If you’re a big Sonic fan or atleast a moderate one, you most likely played the first Sonic Game and whether you like it or not, you probably own atleast 3 different copies of it in some capacity.

Since it’s release in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog has been rereleased on various different devices, including home consoles, handhelds, computers, and even mobile devices, whether if it’s a individual release or apart of a compilation title.

So that begs the question. How many copies of Sonic 1 do you own or atleast had owned for the nearly 3 decades the game has existed for?  Surely, you still have a copy of it laying around somewhere right?

At the moment, I had owned about 6 copies of the game. I had it twice as apart of both Mega Collection and it’s Plus counterpart, once individually on Xbox Live, have it on Steam as apart of the Sega Classics Pack, have the Taxman remaster downloaded on IOS, and have it as apart of the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the 3DS.

NOTE: I’m specifically referring to the Genesis version and the rereleases based on said version. Don’t list copies of the Master System/Game Gear game, as it’s an entirely separate game altogether. 

And yes, this topic was inspired by the recent PatMac video. :)

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I've owned the Genesis original, Mega Collection for Gamecube, and - for convenience's sake - a digital version on the Switch.

Technically, you could argue that I have it on Sonic Gems Collection as well. The game's final boss is accessible as an unlockable in the gallery, albeit with a strict time limit that - under normal circumstances - prevents you from playing the rest of the game. But with some Action Replay shenanigans, this game - as well as the others - can have said timer disabled, making Gems Collection effectively a way bigger compilation than it was supposed to be.

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I own the PAL, American, and Japanese versions of the original release, the “Mega 6 Vol. 3” cartridge that came with my Mega Drive, Sonic Compilation, Sonic Jam, the PAL and Japanese versions of Mega Collection, Mega Collection Plus (PS2), Gems Collection (Game Cube), Sega Mega Drive Collection on PSP, Sonic Classics Collection on DS, Sonic Generations, and the Mega Drive Classics on Switch.

I’ve also had the iPhone version, as well as one of those third-party plug and play machines at one point.

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*joins Indi's support group*

I own two copies of the Mega-Drive PAL version.

PS2 - Sonic Mega Collection Plus

PS2 - SEGA Mega Drive Collection

PS3 - PSN release

PS3 - Ultimate Mega-Drive Collection

PS3 - Unlockable version in Sonic Generations


PS4 - SEGA Mega Drive Collection

2013 StealthTax Remaster

2017 SEGAForever (which is basically the StealthTax version with ads shoved up it's arse and fucked controls).

Switch (SEGA Ages)

Sonic 1 is game I will always enjoy playing. I really appreciate the StealthTax & SEGA Ages versions where they added additional content.

EDIT: lol, forgot to mention the version included in the Mega-Drive Mini...

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I have Sonic 1 for PS2 via Mega Collection Plus and Gems Collection, DS via Classic Collection, PSP via Sega Mega Drive Collection, PS3 via Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and Sonic Generations, Switch via Sega Mega Drive Classics Compilation and Sega Ages and for tablet via Christian Whitehead remake. 

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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: The games that won't come back.


I couldn't possibly list all the versions of S1 that I have. Mega Drive, numerous collections, 3D Classics, Generations... I've got more copies than I've ever played. Never have I thought "Oh boy I can't wait to play Sonic 1 on this system".

When I comes to playing the game though, it's basically the mobile version all the time. It's the definitive version in terms of content, and I really wish SEGA would use it as a base for any future re-releases. Look,I get that M2 did a great job with the Switch version, especially because they added the Drop Dash (and some Mega Play modes that I don't really care for), but that aside it's still inferior to the mobile version. Playable Knuckles and Tails, wide-screen, remastered music... I just much prefer it to any other iteration.

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I had an original copy for the Genesis. Hidden in mom's basement now with the Genesis itself. Same with Mega Collection and the broken Gamecube.

The only "working" copy I have is a downloaded copy for my 3DS. Hey I can save on this one. :)

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Only counting versions that I "deliberately" bought and are not part of a compilation like Sonic Mega Collection or Sega 3D Classics Collection, I have both the iOS and Android versions of Sonic 1, the ROM that's sold on Steam, and the standalone 3D Sonic 1 on the 3DS eshop.

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I only own a few


. Sonic Classic Collection

. Sonic Generations

. Remaster for IOS

. Sega Mega Drive Collection

. One of those AV games handheld compilations

thinking of getting the crappy gba port just for fun

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My first copy was the Mega Collection for GameCube, second is technically Generations for the 360 since Sonic 1 is a fully playable extra in it, and then third is the Backbone port, also for the 360.

The Genesis Controller in Generations is how I beat the game for the first time.

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Off the top of my head- Sonic 1 on the Genesis, Sonic 1 as part of Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic 1 as part of the Steam collection, Sonic 1 on Android, Sonic 1 on 3DS.  Feel like I owned Sonic 1 GBA at some point but when I went to go look for it, I couldn't find it.

It's not as many as some people here, but I still feel like too much somehow.

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