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We did one for Mania so why not?

Post your best times on any stage with a screenshot.

Let us see who is the fastest!

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There are Classic Sonic/Modern Sonic speedrun challenges so if you want to unlock everything, speedrunning is a must. I'll post mine later for the ones that I HAD to do.

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I don't have the game so won't be competing with any of you, but I thought it was worth sharing that the Drill Wispon seems to be very effective in boss fights and certain platforming situations. DSS grabbed the #1 position on Avatar's Infinite fight and one of the Extra Stages with a Drill.

Have fun!

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I couldn't be bothered to screenshot etc. so I'm just going to post my times. People can easily verify my times if they have a PS4 and search Starlighthed211 via leaderboard.

I'm only posting Sonic and Classic Sonic ones since they are the only ones I did a proper speedrun.

Lost Valley: 01:10.21
Ghost Town: 00:59.93
Egg Gate: 01:54.71
Luminous Forest: 01:34.48
Infinite 1 (Stage 9): 01:10.81
Green Hill: 01:13.26
Eggman (Classic Sonic): 01:11.71
Casino Forest: 01:19.26
Sunset Heights: 01:07.78
Chemical Plant: 01:04.73
Network Terminal: 01:29.59
Death Egg: 01:47.37
Metropolitan Highway: 01:38.92
Mortar Canyon: 01:08.21
Infinite (Final - Stage 27): 02:12.81
Iron Fortress: 02:18.44
Death Egg Robot: 04:29.74

EXTRA 1 - Flying Pod: 00:29.41
EXTRA 4 - Reverse Block 2: 00:34.13
EXTRA 6 - Fire Cannon 2: 00:44.78
EXTRA 7 - Plasma Cannon 2: 00:54.06

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