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Positive Things About Forces?


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Look, I know Forces may not be all that good of a game, and we point out the things that make us say that. Our complaints, yes, Sonic Team might hear those complaints if we scream loud enough, and fix them. But a negative with that is that we drag everyone else down and put a dampener on things.

But here's something else with that, if we scream loud enough about the things we DO like, Sonic Team might remember to actually keep those things for next time. This is not blindly supporting, this is just saying the things you do like.

So do tell...

What is something you ACTUALLY LIKE about Sonic Forces? Nothing snarky or sarcastic, tell us what you geniunely like about Sonic Forces that you wish Sonic Team would keep in mind for a future game.

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So far. The music. It's a great selection of electronic and rock. By far the strong point in the game.

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-The game looks like it's actually trying with it's plot again so that's looking nice

-I've grown to like the idea of the avatar as time went by

-Shadow is playable again after all this time

-The music isn't half bad either

That's all i got.

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The backgrounds in the stages look very pretty and detailed and I like some of the music I’ve heard so far, particularly the Avatar songs. I dunno, something about it gives me nostalgic feelings. Reminds me of Sonic R, heh, love that soundtrack. Guilty pleasure of mine. 

Oh, and I’m intrigued by the story focus because they seem to be taking it seriously this time! I really hope it’s executed well and doesn’t fall flat on its face like SLW. That’s all!

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- Although a tid bit over dramatic, they are putting a good deal of effort into the story

- After years, you finally get to play as Shadow again. 

- Some of the music is really good, but that's expected of Sonic.

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The graphics for the environments are very good, though that's admittedly a constant for Sonic games. The aesthetics don't look bad either.

I like the concept of a game where Eggman has taken over the world, and Sonic and his friends band together to fight back. I also don't mind the idea of going for a more story-driven and serious approach; compared to the recent goofier games that have a backseat focus on the narrative.

I like some of the music track. In particular, the City Heights music track in the modern Sonic level, and the main theme (primarily the instrumental version; also like the final song with the Hoobastank vocals, though not as much).

That's about it.


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Sonic Forces is pretty. I have some issues with the aesthetics, but as of now they're not enough to make me hate the game's look. I also like the soundtrack a lot. Gives me Sonic Heroes vibes in the best possible way. I mean, its not Hideki Naganuma but its pretty enjoyable to me.

The avatar is a cool concept that I look forward to. Controls aside, its a clever way of integrating the very diverse and often contradictory desires that people have for their ideal playable Sonic character. I also like the greater focus on creating and showcasing anthro characters. I was getting tired of non-Eggman robots and aliens being the New Character of the Week-- and the Sonic cast of anthros is not entirely Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles nor should it be. :P

More free DLC is good. It looks like I'll be having fun with playable Shadow and the like when I get around to them.

The new focus on story is interesting. I'm leaning towards positive on it but I'm still a bit skeptical on some aspects of it. For positives, I like the concept of Eggman finally winning and having his own big epic army. I also like the idea of having Knuckles lead the resistance-- he seems like the most likely character in the mainline games to be able to successfully helm a revolution. I like that they're having more motion and movement in the cutscenes, giving us cute character moments that show us what they're about without telling us.

The fox OC with the glasses is also really cute and dorky.

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-Vocal Tracks.

-Awesome & addicting music sans a few.

-Astonishing visuals and environments.

-Darker and actiony tone attempting to actually tell a story.

-The side cast being story relevant, it sucks not being playable but it's a step up.

-Shadow returning as the first playable non Sonic/OC character in a mainline 3D game since 06.

-Plot driven levels.

-The general idea of custom characters which I'm a sucker for.

-Boost looks improved with the Hedgehog Engine 2.

To prevent myself from just listing, it's pretty clear to say that this game brings in a lot of stuff I've enjoyed from the past games and it's been very pleasurable to me.

I understand the problems with the gameplay, but I've stated a couple times before that it doesn't bother me that much, there's too many things I loved from the Sonic series that Forces brought back and it's a pretty damn hard job for it to pull me away from the things I'm already satisfied with.

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I've got a few! I'll use bullets so it's easier.


  • Sonic Generations gameplay for Modern Sonic
  • Tag Team stages using a bit of Heroes style game play with the enemy switches
  • Custom Avatar seems nice!
  • The Music sounds great!
  • Shadow is returning, and playable this time!
  • The level details look fantastic.
  • Returning characters other than Tails, Knuckles, and Amy!
  • The story is looking much more fleshed out, which is what I loved about Adventure-06 Era Games
  • Four game modes rather than just one or two!
  • Sonic not being the only character you can play as.
  • Longer than Generations!
  • Levels that have different designs depending on which game mode you're playing through.
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- Framerate, and that's a huge one for me

- Music

- Level theming (I like how these are treated as legitimate locations instead of just levels)

- Story presentation 

- Amy's characterization ("I need to be more independent" she declares in SA1, then gets around to it 18 years later.)

- Sonic's world finally being established as having other anthros besides Sonic&co. Double edged sword tho because with no other humans, now Eggman is the odd one out.  

- Playable Shadow in most or all of Sonic's stages. 

- Classic spin dash is better 

- Impressive set pieces

- Non-annoying voice acting

- A plot that I actually care about

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-It looks fun despite looking basic as all hell

-Most of the music is good

-It looks good graphically

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The serious attempt at story so far,

Good music so far (a few bad apples for me)

The graphics,

The use of Sonic's friends more than the other games,

At least it doesn't 06.

Yeah.... That's it for me.

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Music seems good, Shadow is playable, story seems intereresting, visuals are nice, Boost gameplay seems good and a large character roster keeps me interested.

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-Love the more electronic edge Ohtani and crew are giving the music. Sounds more Sonic-cy than Sonic music has in years.

-A story! An honest-to-goodness attempt at story! Even the levels themselves are story-driven, something we really haven't seen much since, heck, Adventure 2.

-Dialogue that doesn't make me cringe. Either they've cherry-picked scenes with decent dialogue or Pontac and Graff have been reigned in on the silly dialogue.

-Beautiful-looking levels. They might be basic gameplay-wise, but they sure look good, especially the latest footage we've gotten.

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- Sonic Team seems to actually be trying again on the technical side of things. The game generally looks like it could finally surpass Unleashed in that department and it has 60fps to boot. Very good stuff.

- There's an emphasis on presentation here that's been flat out absent in this series for a better part of a decade. Some could say that the game is actually going back to the roots of this series as, from day one, presentation was always an important factor that's just been left out in recent titles.

- The story actually looks to have had some thought put into it this time around. I haven't been able to say that since 2009. I'm loving the idea of actually being entertained by a Sonic story again as opposed to another Sonic and Tails chuckle fest through cheesy bs.

- The boost is back. Yeah, not too much to say here that won't get people up in arms at me so I'll leave it at that. I like it.

- The music. I'm in love with most of the tracks and it's a godsend to have vocal tracks back. On top of that, we even have character themes in the mix too which makes me extremely happy.

- I like the idea of the Avatar. If it's done right, it can really introduce a new dynamic in the story. Add in that players can make it as goofy or serious as they want and I have a real soft spot for it atm.

- The idea of combining levels together was an interesting concept for me in Mania and that remains the case here. Classic CHZ is literally the only level I take issue with on a visual level. The rest of the levels seem incredibly cool to me. I mean, an iced over chemical plant with the egg fleet flying overhead? That's just amazing imo!

- This is probably more of a debated point than the boost atm, but I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't enjoying the little mid-level scenes. I mean, they're incredibly automated (which is admittedly something I don't really have an issue with tbh anyway) but damn are they just fun to watch. That giant mechanical crab chase sequence is still amazing to me.

And to sum off this list, I generally like how this game is actually putting effort into other departments beyond gameplay. Yes, that's the most important thing at the end of the day yada yada but damn man, I get pretty damn miffed when other categories aren't treated with care too. For me, Sonic games have always been more than just the button pressing experience. It's nice to see a game in this genre seeming to actually give a shit about the full package again.

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Can I just drop by and say that I love the addition of the "Easy Mode".


I'm so happy someone over at Sonic Team had the foresight to partition off the handful of little changes like the ring cap and not loosing all your rings to its own lot. To be honest, I would expect them to make "quality of life" changes like that and apply them across the board, but by understanding how things like that change the experience, they essentially established two environments. One for casual players and younger fans, and another for more experienced platformers who would be annoyed by such changes. They managed to add something in to make their game more accessible to the masses, while not compromising its integrity for those interested in the traditional/core experience.

I hope its a split that continues as the series moves on.

Bravo. Give me a hard mode and we'll really be cooking with fire.

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Great visual and audio presentation, actually moving toward more playable characters, it's actually using a gameplay style that we know works, has a story that will at worst be inoffensive and at best be the first attempt at an actually cool story since 06 (attempt, not success mind you), and some actual personality in the characters during gameplay. You know, facial expressions and stuff.

The complaints about the level design aren't wrong, but honestly that's the only issue that really matters for this game on it's own, the rest of the game more than makes up for it imo. Stuff like the ring cap could be like the Lost World lives issue. Just complain hard enough and they'll patch it.

Whoever compared this game to Sonic 4 got it about right, because it's mainly comprised of problems that I don't care about and that I think everyone else cares about way too much for what it's actually worth.

That said, I really don't want this to turn out like what happened with Rise of Lyric, where the positivity thread turned into the only place to discuss anything but how much people hate the game.

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The music so far has been really on point (save for classic GHZ) and I really can't wait to hear the rest of the soundtrack.

While the levels themselves are pretty dull, the visuals that accompany them are pretty good, honestly really does make me want to venture out to some of the back grounds.

The Wispons being equippable weapons that activate instantly is a cool idea though I wish the execution was better.

Probably the first time since 06 that the pre-release info has gotten me so intrigued with the story.

The addition of an easy difficulty makes me a bit hopeful for a hard one that makes the level design more interesting, this ones admittedly more of a wish than a positive but i'd be really happy if this came true and it was done well.

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I like the they're trying harder with the story this time and while it seems it might just be through exposition, at least the others are doing something. Plus I am interested with Infintie and the gameplay looks alright.

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-The visuals look rather nice.

-60 FPS On PS4 Pro/XBOX is great.

-Playing this on the Switch in portable mode will be very nice.

-PC port from day one means easy moding.

-Modern Sonic levels will once again, be a blast to play, probably.

-Minus the classic stages, the soundtrack will most likely be top notch, as always.

-Shadow is finally playable again for the first time in ages.

-I'm not one for stories in Sonic typically, but this one looks a lot more intriguing.

-A 3D Sonic game finally looks to be ambitious again.

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The Game's levels look occasionally neat aesthetically, that's something worth something.


And I guess it's cool seeing other characters kind of in a less silly scenario, I guess.


That's all I got, not really into this game that much.

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I swear I've seen a similar topic here months ago... Anyway, positives:
- OST (for the most part) is a big step-up from Lost World for me. Sure, there are some good tracks in that game (Sea Bottom Segue is the prime example), but it's mostly forgettable for me.
- I actually like the art-style they're going for. LW artstyle was too simple, too cartoony for my taste, while Generations was too busy sometimes.
- It looks to have one of the more entertaining plots in years. Pretty much every game after Unleashed (sometimes even Unleashed itself) had barely any stakes, cutscenes barely had any action, I didn't care about anything that was happening on screen at all. This game already looks more interesting plot-wise, cuz I want to know who is Infinite, how are other villains back, why are Chaos and Shadow evil, etc. Sure, the plot might not be good (hell, I expect it to be not good), but if it's entertaining, it's already better than any other Sonic-related game plot since Unleashed.
- the system of renting someone else's Avatar is a neat idea - you can pretty much equip 2 wispons at once and change them, which is what I wanted to see earlier.
- the levels aesthetically look pleasing to me. They aren't as busy as Gens or some Unleashed levels, but aren't as simplistic as Lost World. (I guess this goes to the art-style, but eh).
- Water looks nice.
- Lives system is gone, thank god ST got rid of that outdated gameplay element.
- Shadow is playable. Sure he's pretty much Modern + chain-homing attack, but I'm not against it.

I think that's it for now. I can't deny that gameplay looks really iffy, there's too much automation and Classic is in this game, but I'm still standing by my opinion that outside of gameplay everything else for me looks, well, better than anything Sonic-related in the last several years (outside of Mania ofc).

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24 minutes ago, Bobnik said:

cutscenes barely had any action (this is especially noticable in Lost World)

I think it's more accurate to use Colors in place of Lost World there...

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