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Sonic the Hedgehog Augmented Reality Experience Coming to Comic Con

Badnik Mechanic

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Just found this hidden away on the comic con website.



9. The Futurism & Tech Pavilion

The Futurism & Tech Pavilion is excited to show off the latest in tech and innovation at this year’s Comic-Con. Augmented Reality takes center stage with the exclusive launch of Mira Lab’s new headset, accompanied by some exciting new content. We have a wide range of Virtual Reality with incredible companies providing it: Survios’ Raw Data, VR Werx’ Paranormal Activity, Steel Wool’s Mars Odyssey, Project Cars from Bandai, Star VR’s John Wick, The Power Rangers presented by Qualcomm, Arcslinger from Big Red Button, something cool from Framestore (The Avengers and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), VR cubes courtesy of Exit VR, Augmented Reality, as well as mixed reality and 360 domes courtesy of FulldomePro (a relaxing way to enjoy fully immersive entertainment). Sega is presenting an AR Sonic experience and a special concert with the awesome Shota Nakama on Thursday evening, and dome takeover on Friday! We welcome the “A.I. Innovation Fair “with its focus on artificial intelligence, sustainable tech and advanced robotics; Hanson Robotics will be sharing Einstein and their remarkable ground-breaking robots. With more than 9,000 square feet of futurism and cutting edge innovation and immersive entertainment, the Futurism & Tech Pavilion hosted by VRCon is a must-see event at Comic-Con 2017!

WHERE: Omni San Diego Hotel, Grand Ballroom, 4th Floor

WHEN: Wed., 7/19: Developer & Public Preview, 6:00–9:00 PM • Thu.–Sat., 7/20-7/22: 9:30 AM–7:00 PM • Sun., 7/23: 9:30 AM–5:00 PM


Absolutely no other details were given.

Anyone able to attend?



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I thought we all decided that Sonic + VR = Your gonna loose your lunch? Is AR much different in this case?


Still though, I'm sure this is probably some kind of tech demo to test the feasibility of an idea or two. Even if not just for Sonic, Sega should be keen on testing the AR waters. To bad I'm on the other side of the country. I'd gladly wait in line for a chance to try something like this.


In other news, I see BigRedButton on that list of developers. Its good to see they are still alive I guess, but I wonder if this the first thing they will have their hands on post Sonic Boom? I wonder who put  $$$ up for that project...

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1 minute ago, Sega DogTagz said:

I thought we all decided that Sonic + VR = Your gonna loose your lunch? Is AR much different in this case?

Yes. Completely.

AR is basically what Pokemon Go does if you turn on the camera of your device.

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Does this mean I can go to a park and run while looking at my cell phone in what looks to be a green hill zone style design of said park I am running in.

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Well I guess I've got to write about this now. You would have to bring Sonic into my job, SEGA.

*mutterings and keyboard bashing*

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Was that VR experience actually there? Because I can’t find any evidence of it whatsoe-


wait, here it is!


Video footage


Well; this overall looks like a silly thing akin to the Social Media. Has its charms, but I can see why this isn’t gonna be a full game anytime soon.

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