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Something broke with Youtube Embedding?


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Lately I've been having an issue embedding with youtube links. when I go with the usual method (Insert other media > insert image through URL) all I get now is a broken image box. also whenever I just post the link thinking its just gonna convert itself it just turns into a URL link instead. this applies to both the status and forums.

Any idea of whats going on? did an update break something or is their a new method to posting youtube videos?

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. I have been problems with that lately too since it seems to ruin my jokes in a way.

But here's a quick test using the media tags


Yep even that didn't work so there's something up with the forum.

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I have experienced it too. I thought that it was my internet connection that was causing the problem at first, I checked that it was strong and it would only happen once. Tried it a few time today, but it seems that it isn't working at all. Just a URL test: https://youtu.be/6Viyt2aIOG8


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I have been having a lot of problems posting images without having to use the Insert other media button. Seems like posting just the link now works for images, both in posts and status comments, so hopefully YouTube fix follows shortly.


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