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[Roleplay] SSMB Crossing: In Another Time, In Another Place. [Read page 345]


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So, the Wild World of SSMB Crossing is getting a makeover! So turn over a New Leaf and don't let those City Folk get you down because ... you're a Happy Home Designer? (Thank goodness amiibo Festival isn't out yet.)

There are rules and you have to read them before you post, so let's get going:

  • There will be a weekly storyline that we will follow, try to not to divert from that
  • No god modding, none.
  • You can be whoever you want but you can only be 10 characters at most
  • Follow preestablished SSMB Rules.
  • There used to be a job system but it's been scraped
  • No out of RP conflict.
  • 3 sentences is the least you can post.
  • You can have as many one off characters as you want but only 3 neutral/heroes at most and 3 villains at most in a specific story
  • Consult the other members of the topic if you're going to bring in a big change
  • Explain the lore of whatever you introduce
  • Let others finish off the story, if you already done it in the last story and there is no reason for you to finish it off in story, than let others have a shot.
  • Be polite to one and another.
  • And have fun! 

So, now that's out of the way check this out!


It's the SSMB Crossing license, you can choose to explain your character with this, but you can opt to just do it in the topic itself if you prefer that.

And here's the list of jobs



Character bios:



Master Model

Rosie is a model who moved to Forest Crossing to meet up with her old friend Punchy and get away from her old town.

That's actually a lie, Rosie is actually a agent for the town BTYT and was intended to destroy the village from the inside out.

But Rosie hated her job and loved the friends she made in Forest Crossing, so she betrays them and now sticks to her new home.

Rosie is a model and a good one at that, she has something of a temper and the trauma from experiences of BTYT make her crack under pressure, but she has a good heart and always try to make up for it if she does any wrong.


Element of Generosity.

Rarity is the element of generosity, always believing in the power  of friendship

She is Rosie's boss at a shop in the local town and as a hero of Equestia, she is one of the more experienced members of the town.

She was formally a plastic doll in the old world but she is a real pony in this new one, she and her sister traveled out of their dimension through unknown means and unknown reasons.

Rarity can be a bit of a drama queen and she is more willing to snark at people than most members of the villagers, but she is legendary in her homeland for a reason.


Carefree Fisher

Punchy is lazy fisher and a old friend of Rosie, he moved into Forest Crossing just to meet her.
Punchy is usually not so troubled but deep inside he has self worth problems.

Punchy's flaws are obvious but his good heart balances it out.

Punchy has befriended a phoenix named Ross and rides him into battle when things go awry


Kind Hearted Kitty

Former hall monitor, current detective, always a good kitty.

Meowkie went to Forest Crossing to investigate the Sleep Virus and after a couple of adventures, she decided to stay there.

Meowkie deeply misses her old friends to the extent she will do anything to meet them again, unfortunately, her friends play a huge part in keeping the world in balance, lucky for her, she has new friends who are just as cool.


Vally Goddess

 The Goddess of Forest Crossing, Serena, must do everything to keep the town safe.

Serena is allowed to grant one wish from anyone as long as it does not directly end a life, and her power grows when the town is danger.

She's rather rude, but once you get to know her, there is some good in her.

Sweetie Belle:

Sweet Sister

 Rarity's beloved little sister who came to live with her in Forest Crossing.

Sweetie Belle is the most trouble prone of Forest Crossing residents, but she always tries her best.

As a Cutie Mark Crusader, she is trying to get a Cutie Mark and find her talent.


Disciple Leader In Training

Thought she was doomed to die no matter what, Sayaka Miki came into the Disciples once she was saved from a unstoppable foe.

Her previous life has traumatized her but she tries to keep her head up no matter what.

A kind soul, she is one of the most popular residents of Forest Crossing.

Sayaka can summon a being known as Oktavia at will.


True Blue General

A blue blur, a brilliant flash of light, the fastest thing alive, Sonic  The Hedgehog is all of these things.

Sonic is not who you know, but rather a alternate version who joined the forces know as the Disciples.

He can be a bit overprotective at times, but this mostly comes from past experiences and he does not want anyone to suffer what he did.

Having lived a long life, Sonic can summon the Sentinel Sword and along with Sayaka, they are beings known as the Golden Ones.


Last of the tech sentinels

 A skilled inventor and Sonic's best friend and brother, he comes in really hand.

Tails, like Sonic, is of a species known as the Sentinals and is one of the last of his kind.

Tails, as skilled of a inventor he is, has many inventions that don't go as planned and this leads to all kind of hyjinks.


Magical Goddess

 A light of hope in a hopeless world, that is what Madoka is.

She is best friends with Sayaka and always try to do the right thing.

Madoka does not always has the best judgement so sometimes things go wrong when she doesn't really think about it.

Madoka used to have godly power but it was taken away.


Black hair, Black Heart

One of the less cheerful residents of Forest Crossing, Homura is as cynical as one can be.

Homura doesn't really care about much and is willing to put anyone down if they even bring up the concept of hope, that being said, she is rather dedicated to Madoka and will do anything to protect her.


The Detective Hero

Nightwing is the mayor of Forest Crossing and a hero to all.

Formally Robin, Nightwing has years of experience under his belt(Get it?) and uses them to run the village with competence.

That being said, he's oddly not around when bigger problems tend to happen.

Mega Man:

Blue Bomber

 The Super Fighting Robot, The Blue Bomber, The Blue Metal Hero, it's Mega Man!

Mega Man came from another world and entered the one of Forest Crossing, always fighting for peace, he helps Forest Crossing get to it.

He's still a robot so he's prone to takeover and malfunctions.

Alien Princess

A alien princess and a old friend of Nightwing.

Starfire is kind and compassionate and always try to be understanding.

Starfire still hasn't gotten quite used to Earth's customs but she's getting there.


Keyblade Weider

 Roxas is a odd kid, he sorta came out of nowhere.

He is the welder of the Keyblade and one of the few that stands a chance against the Heartless.

That being said, Roxas can be a bit hot headed and cocky, he also tends to rub people the wrong way.


The Gravity Queen

 Kat is a mysterious girl from another dimension, accompanied by her cat Dusty.

Kat has the power to control Gravity and bend it to her will, this will surely come in handy in the future.

No one is quite sure why she came to Forest Crossing, perhaps Kat knows herself?

The Grim Reaper
Ragna is one Forest Crossing's most experienced fighters, but that experience comes with a price.

Ragna has a dark past, with almost everything being taken away from him.

That being said, Ragna is one of the most helpful people you can come across.


Scarlet Observer
Rachel Alucard, otherwise known as "rabbit" is a rather mysterious being.

Much about her is clouded in mystery, but what is known she is the side of good.

Her and Ragna have their fights sometimes, but when they work together, they can do almost anything.


Sorceress Of The Stars
A sorceress supreme, Jessica excels in magic.

Coming to Forest Crossing for her own reasons, Jessica quickly became friends with Sayaka.

Jessica life is full of danger but despite that she never falls into despair.


Chirpy Bird Sidekick

Robinson is Jessica's little sidekick and a cheerful little birdie.

Being Jessica's friend, Robinson is all too aware of the world of magic.

One might feel he feels a bit uncomfortable with all the cats around...


Peppy Pop Star Of Light
A peppy pop star that has come to the village's aid.

Lumina is super cheerful and upbeat and she can spread that feeling around.

Despite this, Lumina knows how to kick some serious butt.

Full Metal Dorkasre

A dorky little metal guy, he tries to avoid trouble but it always seem to find him.

Ivorn has a bit of a sttuerring problem and isn't the bravest guy in the village.

He tries his best though and that's what matters.


The Unpredictable
A wild card if there ever was one, some days he almost dooms Forest Crossing while others he's it's savior.

A Doombot made with his own specific look and personalty and a mischievous one at that, he eventually got tired of DOOM and went off on his own.

He has allied himself with the Dark Dragon, surely to cause Chaos for sure.


Blue Head Gem Head
A boy with magical powers and a dry sense of wit.

He's in and out of the village, but he comes in handy when he's around.

Rumored to be a relationship with Sayaka and Amitie

Half Kinected Hedgehog
A hedgehog with kinectic powers, unlike Sonic, she is not a sentinel.

Coming into this universe from the old one she has lost all of her memories of the old universe.

She is quite expressive.


Master of Aura

A aura Pokemon with the power to sense anyone, like Mega Man, he too came from a different universe.

Stern and serious, Lucario is usually the one to find out what went wrong first.

Lucario has a unique power of the more he gets hit, the more powerful he gets.



Hard Core Rocker

A chipper girl with connections to Puyo.

Initially coming over to visit Sig, she decide to stay and protect the town.

She has a nice hat.

Fouled Mouth Penguin

A fouled mouth penguin who seemed to come out of nowhere.

Coming for a peaceful town, he was soon to be disappointed when Forest Crossing turned out to be anything but.

He seems to hold a grudge against a  squirrel named Conker.

Big Bunny
A former suit processed by a child murdered, he's turn a new leaf after getting that soul removed by the puppet.

His scary appearance still remains but he's nowhere  as bad as he looks.

He takes good care of Plushtrap.


Little Hare
Springtrap's "son", so to speak.

He is mischievous and likes to play games, but he's not bad.

He does have sharp teeth for a bunny though.


Normal Guy Caught in a Wild World

One of the more normal villagers, coming to the village for peace and quiet.

He knows how to get out bad situations easily and doesn't really get involved in the town's more over the top adventures.


Fun loving Brunette
A mischievous girl who came with the town with Locke.

She has nice long brown hair and a peppy attitude.


The So Called  Villain

A girl with nothing but evil in her heart ... or at least that's what she thinks.

Joining the town resident's after the Skeleton War, she tries her best to be evil but it's just not working.

She is a really good prankster though.


Slamming Jamming Hopster

Lola is ready to jam, bringing her hoop skills to Forest Crossing.

Lola is a toon at heart so she can be a bit silly.

Just don't call her doll.


The town's local fortune teller after Niko became a detective, she comes from the future.

Always willing to help out, she has a heart of well...



Half Genie Hero

A half genie that has come to town to protect like it was her own.

Shantae is used to living by sea and thus has more experiences with it than the rest of the town, even Punchy.

She can be a bit clumsy but she is a well regarded hero none the less.


Super Singer

A super star tired of her famous life and getting away to Forest Crossing.

She is a bit more grounded than the rest of the cast.

A polite woman of many words.


Cute Mute

A friend of Calamity's that for whatever reason, doesn't speak too much, unlike Calamity, she doesn't try to be evil, but she's more on the netural side that outright good.

She was lost in the woods for some time but eventually found her way back to Forest Crossing

Dream Serena AKA Dreamy:

Goddess Of Dreams.

A duplicate of Serena created by Dreams of Endless.

She generally is more laid back than the regular Serena, but she is also more serious.

After a age reversing incident, she finds herself stuck as a puppy


Shrine Maiden

A girl from the old world,  bright and optimistic, she hates nearly no one.

She is one of Forest Crossing most powerful and experienced, she helps with anything she can.

Marisa Kirsame:

"Ordinarily" Magician

A friend of Reimu, also from the old world.

She is a human magician that fought unbelievable powers and has a heart of gold.

Rare Rival

A squirrel infamous for his bad hair day, he seems to have a past with Honker.

Conker is among the more flawed characters in Forest Crossing, with many questionable decisions in his life.

But he is a good guy at the end of the day

God Of Dancing:

A friendly soul that has a past with Ranga and Rachel.

He is a talented dancer, maybe too talented, as his dances also have magical powers.

He is one of the gods that live in Forest Crossing

Doctor DOOM:
King Of Latveria

A ruthless dictator that ran the town in the past world, he is determined to seize back control

He is actually a rather accountable ally for the town, most of the time.

But he is still a dark hearted villain and will do anything to get what he wants.


The Darkness that Haunts every corner.

The token evil resident of the town, Shade loves to cause trouble and is only a few away to being the worst of his kind.

He helps, but not too willingly, it's more that he doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Anti-Hero Sentinel

A reoccurring menace in Sentinel Sonic's life, not exactly a good guy but not exactly a bad guy either.
Scrouge is more direct in his methods of getting rid of villains and has a warped sense of morality.

He can shape shift, making him a formidable foe.

The Extinction Of The Sentinels:

The mad man that almost killed the Sentinel race.

He knows of the real world and wants to kill all the story creators to make sure the villains get the happy ending.

He has yet to show up directly in Forest Crossing, but his dreaded presence can be felt even in the worst of times.

Dark Magican

Henry is the runner of the local magic shop, sorta a eccentric fellow, but not a bad guy.

His magic has came in handy many times and he loves all the stuff he does.

Eddie Riggs:
Metal Head

A man who came to Forest Crossing for unknown reasons.

He loves rock and roll and is a surprisingly good repairmain.

His current whereabouts are unknown, perhaps he's training to be a kung fu master?



Master Duelist:

A warrior from a recently born universe.

He has a card for every situation and has a upbeat personalty.

He's a bit of a newcommer but he's is sure to get his name known.


Meowkie's best friend from her days in high school and actually the founder of the village that would become Forest Crossing.

Quirky and upbeat, she is unfortunately forced to be stuck in the past, as if she is gone from there for too long, there is no future.



Love Interest Extraordinaire:

A relative of the Great god the King Of All Cosmos and Meowkie's former date.

They and Meowkie had to go separate ways due to their jobs, but they still love each other.



A White Wolf that used to date Punchy, however, Punchy's love of Fishing spereated them, and she has became bitter and jaded.

She currently works for the King Of All Cosmos after a incident left Forest Crossing without their town god due to her actions.



"The Kindest Person You'll Ever Meet"

Rosie and Punchy's old friend from their old town, they think rather highly of her.

While it isn't known what is going on with Margie right now, she is still alive and well.

A Town Of Fear.

Standing for "Better Than  You Town", this town residents are evil toys that came to resent life.

Rosie used to work for them , but against her wishes and she gladly quit when she had the chance to

The Eternal Phoenix:

Punchy's pet phoenix that he and the rest of Forest Crossing saved from abusive parents and a baby sitter.
Ross can't talk yet, but his actions speak louder than words and he has helped save the day constantly.

Sleep Dragon:

Into Dreams

Formally working for the dream Sheep, this dragon turned against his master when he got treated like crap.

He now resides on a mountain not too far from BTYT and Animal Village.

No heart

The leader of the Nobodies and a manipulator. 

He seeks to bring all Hearts into Darkness and can only be harmed by the Keyblade.


Defiant of Destiny

Meowkie's daughter from the future, she came to the past to prevent from BTYT from rising to power.

She doesn't know who her father is and wishes to bond closely with her mother.



Don't Care Bear:

The evil leader of BTYT, he wishes to get rid of all living life.

He smells like strawberries


Not The One

Bubberducky doesn't really care about anyone but himself, he's a egomaniac and proud of it.

He seems kinda familiar, yessss...


A alternate Rarity made into a force of evil by BTYT.

She used to be a hero, but BTYT literately changed her mind.


Storyline recaps:


Storyline 1:

It's a new beginning for our villagers and a crazy week to start off with, friendships are made as a corrupt news station is taken down by the power of teamwork and new found friendships!

Storyline 2:

After a sleepover at Rosie's house, the gang watches a not so scary movie but it scares Punchy silly, in a attempt to make him not scared anymore, the gang pretends to make what he was afraid of lose to him, but Rosie feels guilty for ever making the thing happen .

Storyline 3:

Trucks for the various shops have been going missing, but it turns out they were just shrunk down in size. Tails creates a new portal system but Rosie hijacks it and goes to Animal Village, which is in the middle of a Earthquake, the citizens of Forest Crossing take in the people of Animal Village and put them in an abandoned retirement center.

We learn the story of Sayaka and get the hint for the past of Rosie.

Storyline 4:

A Sleep virus has taken over Punchy, caused by the Dream Sheep, who plans to put the mutiverse to eternal sleep. With new friend Meowkie and unexpected ally Doctor Doom

the heroes set off to Equestia and Punchy's dreams to stop the Dream Sheep.

Storyline 5:

A sequel to one of Punchy's favorite movies is being made but it turns out the crew making it are killer robots trying to kill the residents of Forest Crossing. With the robots defeated, the village tries to make the movie on their own.

Storyline 6:

Noting a lack of them, Rarity creates a school for the village and intends to teach it. Unfortunately, secret agents for BTYT have come looking for Rosie, who's a secret agent herself. When the rest of the students gets kidnapped, the village heads for BTYT and once again gets help from DOOM.

Storyline 7

A Phoenix named Ross, taken care of by a bad baby sitter, is dropped into Forest Crossing and taken care of by Punchy, who grows fond of him.

But sadly, Ross must get back to his parents.

Storyline 8:

A shooting star is headed to the village and the villagers race to get the wish. However, the star turns out to be a meteor sent by F.M, Serena, the goddess of the town reveals herself and saves the day.

Storyline 9:

Sweetie Belle has been kidnapped! It's up to Rarity and the other villagers to save her. Meowkie moves in as a permanent resident.

Storyline 10:

The needed beach episode, Punchy thinks Ross no longer likes him after a making a wish to keep around Forest Crossing. Sayaka and Jessica have a water fight.

Storyline 11:

Rosie runs away after thinking the violence is too much, but things get ugly when a certain villain show up.

Storyline 12:

The town is attacked by a living cheese monster, could there be more to this cheese than  meets the eye?

Storyline 13:

After a ghost starts stealing the souls of those who have birthday recently, Pac-Man comes to town, time travel gets involved and finally we learn the history of the town.

Storyline 14:

Halloween is coming and skeletons attack, could a new member of the town have a secret past?

Storyline 15:
The cast tells their backstories and gets involved in a legal case.

Storyline 16:

The cast goes on blind dates, however, Serena does not feel appreciated.

Storyline 17:

Everyone is turned into kids and a theme park goes wrong

Storyline 18:

Future versions of the cast come to the present to prevent BTYT from destroying everything.



Now that's out of the way, let's get on with the show!

Storyline 1: Getting to know the town and each other.

Here we discover the basic facts about the town and it's residents, let's get to know you!


"Wow, I never thought I get off that train, phew!"

"So, this is where I'm living now? It doesn't even have a name? That's lame."

"Ooh, that pink house looks cute! I'll move in there!"

"Good thing all my furniture turns into a leaf,  there's no way I was carrying my bed!"

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Job: Mayor

Personality: Quick thinking, snarky, and always ready to fight, Nightwing was trained by Batman, one of the leading superheroes in brain and brawn. Now, in this new city, after the previous mayor hightailed it, he's taking up the role of mayor to help out the city. By day, he's a mayor trying to keep the peace, by night, he's a crime fighter determined to effortlessly use the teachings of his mentor to bring down any villains that might arise. He's easily annoyed, and can be serious like his mentor, but in general, he's a laid back, snarker guy who can make friends.

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Name: Springtrap

Job: (former)musician/villager

Personality: After begging the Puppet to rid him of a child murderer's spirit and succeeding, Springtrap is a lone wolf (rabbit?) who just wants to get re-acquainted with the world. He desperately misses his old performing buddy, Fredbear, and is determined he'll find his friend again someday. For now, he's decided to visit a nearby town to be introduced to modern life.


Name: Plushtrap

Job: villager

Personality: Plushtrap tries his hardest to be scary. He really does. He's never seemed to succeed, however, and is seen by everyone else as a tiny, cute version of Springtrap. Plushtrap is convinced that Springtrap's his "papa".


Name: O'Hare

Job: Fossil collector/fisher

Personality: As a smug villager, O'Hare is very gentlemanly and is pretty into fashion. He has a habit of being into niche hobbies or obscure media. He likes anything tropical and his favorite fruit is oranges. He's oddly allergic to peaches.

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Two characters will join for now, returning from SSMB Crossing. No Metarex included. They ARE the exact same characters though, but they won't fight (as often) or go through the same things as before.


Name: Sayaka Miki

Role: Villager

Personality: A young girl back from the dead and joined a large group of many heroes from fiction: The Disciples. She fought in many battles and witnessed the re-write of the village's universe. Cheerful with a strong sense of justice, Sayaka tries to be a strong leader but can be emotionally unstable, not to mention reckless. She can get hung up by her own mistakes and past. Sayaka is aware she is a fictional character.


Name: Sonic The Hedgehog

Role: Villager

Personality: A hedgehog who lost almost his entire race to one of his kind (Mephiles) many years ago, Sonic and his family spent millions of years fighting Mephiles. Soon, he was drafted into the Disciples as a founding member. He keeps a cool and sarcastic attitude yet can be serious and even somewhat angry when in a difficult situation. Like Sayaka, Sonic has a strong sense of justice and can be reckless. He can be over-protective due to losing so many and can be emotionally unstable because of it. Little does Sonic know, is that he is actually a fan-character, which is typically looked down upon by many. Sonic is also a mentor to Sayaka.


*Sayaka and Sonic appear in the village*

Sayaka: "So this is it. This is the new universe."

Sonic: "It's a lot more peaceful now. Let's try to keep it that way. I need a bit of a break from everything, this place should do the trick!" *stretches*

Sayaka: "I wonder who's in charge this time. Is it still DOOM?"

Sonic: "The mayor's office is right beside us. We can see...."

*reads a plaque outside of the office*

Sonic: "Home to Mayor Nightwing! Hey, that was one of your friends back then!"

Sayaka: "You think he still remembers us?"

Sonic: "Only one way to find out." *grins*

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"Hey, hey! Wait up! You can't just barge into the mayor's office! You need a, uh, appointment first!"

"Hello, mysterious blue haired girl and blue dot, what are you, a mouse?"

"Anyways, my name is Rosie, I live in the pink house near the train station! Nice to meet ya!"

"By the way, if you ever need someone to model for you, I'm your girl!"

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*Nightwing is in the Mayor's office*

*Thinks to self*

''It's odd''

''I remember the other universe, I can remember characters...but I can't remember specifics.''

''Ah well, might as well work from here''


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Sonic: "Nice to meet ya Rosie! I'm Sonic The Hedgehog."

Sayaka: "And I'm Sayaka Miki, Hi!"

Sonic: "So, we need to get an appointment huh? Do we need to go to a certain place? Sign up on a piece of paper..."

Sayaka: "Speaking of signing up, does this place have a name this time?"

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*A sign lights up outside the office*

*The sign signals the next people in line to come in*

''Yo, come on in!''

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"This time? There was a last time?"

"Uh, I thought this town was only recently discovered, or at least that's what Punchy told me."

"It doesn't have a name yet as far as I know, it didn't say anything on sign near the train station."

"So, where do you two live?"

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Sonic: "Huh, there's our way in. Come on Sayaka."

Sayaka: "Coming! See ya later Rosie!"

"I'll answer some of your questions later!"

*walks into the office*

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*Nightwing is sitting on his chair with his feet on the table*

''Oh hey''

''Sayaka and Sonic''

*He throws a grape into his mouth*

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Sayaka: "So you do remember us, Nightwing! Well, it's great to see you again!"

Sonic: "Same goes for me!"

Sayaka: "Mayor huh, looks like you've been moving on up! Last time I remembered, you worked at a Police Station."

Sonic: "You do remember working at a Police Station, do you?"



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*Nightwing nods*

''Yeah, I vaguely remember it''

''But we need to keep this rewrite stuff hidden''

''It's a new beginning for all of us, we should make the most of it''

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Springtrap and his new "son" Plushtrap got up from the train seat as the conductor called for anyone to get off at this destination. The two robot rabbits looked at each other and shrugged, deciding this town to be worth a visit.

They stepped out from the train station, astonished that the world could be so...bright! All the bright green plants, clear blue ponds, and colorful flowers around the town amazed them.

"Hey papa, whaddya think that big building over there is for?" Plushtrap tugged at Springtrap's hand, after recovering from the place's splendor. The door of the building was standing open with commotion coming from inside.

"I'm not sure, but we should probably check it out if that flashing sign is to indicate anything." Springtrap led his small near-duplicate over to the building. They peeked in with such a way that they hoped they'd be noticed.

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"Dang it, I always get left behind, this town is so weird."

"I should have moved to Animal Village at least that has name, an uncreative name, but a name at least."

"At least Punchy will be here soon, then I will know someone here."

"I wonder if this town has any clothes shop, I could apply there!"

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Sonic: "Well, it's a new beginning for you guys here. The Fictional Realm is still the same as it always was, Metarex and all. Luckily, it looks like they'll never step foot here to terroize your world again!"

"Me? I'm on a bit of a vacation. After everything that happened ala "Genesis Wave," and the fact that there's not much to do right now, I see no reason to stop by and hang out."

Sayaka: "We'll make sure to keep this re-write thing tight-lipped. We'll speak of this only between us.... That and anyone else who managed to survive re-write."

"Have you seen anyone else? BFZ? Klonoa? Sig? DOOM?"

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O'Hare meandered around the town until noticing the its mayoral office. He found it curious that a couple of robot rabbits were peeking in. He raised an eyebrow and sneaked over behind them, hoping to get more info on his new hometown.


((btw, I'll have to leave for tonight. My mom wants to get my sleeping schedule back on track as school starts for me in a couple days. :/))

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I'm in though I'm pending with one right now. Dunno if I'll add him yet or not.


Name: Henry

Occupation: Magician

Personality: While he has a cheerful outlook on life, often making jokes about the situation, he does love bloodshed and violence. However he does care deeply for people and will do anything to protect those dear to him. He can also talk to various living things, most notably his flock of crows and can sling very strong magic.


Name: Rachel Alucard

Occupation: Observer/Stargazer/Villager

Personality: A vampire with a hint of elegance to her. Despite this however is very sarcastic and often insults everyone around her. She also often lets others do things for her, namely her two familiars Nago (her shapeshifting cat umbrella) and Gii (her red bat thing). She does abuse her familiars a lot but despite her harsh demeanor she does have a caring side and often does what she can to make sure everyone is doing the right thing.

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*shakes head*

''No word''

''I think Doom's gone into hiding''

''I think the events of the other place scared him a littl- 

*Notices the Springtraps and quickly changes the subject*

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Sayaka: "Huh? What's wrong?"

"DOOM? BTYT? Daleks? Droids?"

Sonic: "Sayaka, relax. Again, they shouldn't be here."

"What, is there something on my face? Or... Is it my body? My face and my body is kinda the same thing so...."


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Henry peeked in the Mayor's office and walked in. "I filed all that paperwork for my living space and all that. Boy was it a dozy!" Henry noticed there was a line so he quietly held his papers while he waited.

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*Sayaka and Sonic see Henry walk in*

Sayaka: "Say... that guy look familiar... Would he recognize me, by any chance?"

Sonic: "Wasn't he being all buddy-buddy with a Giratina once?"

"Anyway, we'll ask him later. He looks busy."

Sayaka: "He's standing in a line."

Sonic: "I'm still calling it busy. No need to disturb."



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*Nightwing smiles*

''That's great, I'll have word for you soon!''

''Nightwing waves''

''Look Sayaka, we can't talk about the rewrite anymore, It's just too dangerous''

''Right Sonic?''

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Sonic: "Got it!"

*turns to Sayaka*

"Got it?"

Sayaka: "Got it."

Sonic: "Sooo, how's the town so far? Have you decided on a name?"

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*shakes head*

''Not yet, I'm currently having a poll booth set up''

''Some guy called Mr.Resetti's handling it''

''Just came in, barking about how we didn't save our previous town or some such''

(Yes, I just went there)

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