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I'd like a 3D Sonic game that has multiple characters that control similarly to Sonic with added quirks without completely unnecessary gameplay shifting bullshit. Maybe like expanding upon Lost World's gameplay and make it close to Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.


As for 2D/2.5D, something that expands the classic gameplay and adding new things to the table without taking its player's control and speed and not splatter every level with unnecessary amounts of springs, boosters, HA chains and bottomless pits.

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I honestly prefer the boosting and full 3D Sonic.

Boosting because well, Sonic's suposed to be the fastest thing alive and the boosting games highlight that pretty well and the stages are well fun to play. Full 3D because it has some good speedy-ish platforming going on and mostly because its more immersive and doesnt restrains the area youre able to explore. So yeah, fun fun. A hybrid would probably be nice, add in the best of 2 worlds and voilá.

Classic Sonic is good though but its too much platforming and not much speed, which is odd for a character thats all about speed, but thats just me.

Now don't get me wrong though, I like the classics kinda, I love S3&K, great game, though since I'm not much into 2D platforming Sonic, I'm guessing some if it is due to nostalgia, still great game nonetheless.

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Ah, yes, I'll take a grande 3D Macchiato, please.


Obviously I love all Sonic games, so long as they're fun and enjoyable to play. But the full on 3D games just seem a lot more satisfying to me. I love a little bit of exploration, and with the boost latte, you don't get as much of that, while 3D environments allow more of that. I also think a lot of it is that the Adventure games were the first Sonic games I played, and some sort of psychological imprinting took effect on my brain to make me prefer them. Kinda like a baby duck following its mother!


I really like this coffee analogy, it works perfectly. Because much like coffee drinks, I couldn't drink/play the same style every single time. I may have a favorite drink, but I don't go to Starbucks and order the same damn thing every time! And of course, I don't play solely 3D games! Sometimes I get a strong taste for some boost lattes, and other times I want to sit back and enjoy some nice steamy 2D cappuccino games.

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This makes me think of a topic I was going to start.
The perfect modern 3D Sonic game.
Would it even be possible for there to be one game that every one would love?
There is so much that we fans can't agree on. 
Speed or Platforming?
Some say that Sonic is all about speed and Platforming is secondary.
Others say that Sonic is all about Platforming and speed is secondary.
Friends yes or no?
Some say sonic dose not need all his friends.
Others say that Sonic is nothing with out his Friends.


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I think he's more of a speedy type of character, but speed and platform can both be done but most likely seperately.

As for the friends, I like them but they just need to be able to handle them properly, because there's other franchises with a ridiculous amount of characters and they manage the cats quite well, so Sonic shouldn't be an exception.

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One thing I wish is that Sega would stop the exclusive to one console games.

Or have games on that are on 2 consoles but not on one of them.
 wii has sonic colors sonic and the secret rings Sonic and the Black Knight  
and the SD Sonic unleashed
Xbox 360 and PS2 hive the HD Sonic unleashed ,Sonic generations and for completion sonic 06
also Sonic Free Riders is only on Xbox 360
they make it impossible to have every Sonic game with out buying all or at lest 2 of the consoles

how dose it help Sega for fans to have to buy so many consoles?

They are not making money from hardware any more.



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Can I have sodas instead? I don't like coffee. ^^;;



Anyway, to be honest, while none of the games that use this formula are any of my absolute favorites, I do have this fondness for the fully 3D gameplay. I feel that it could be used well to allow you to explore the levels, finding different ways to get to point A to point B. Ideally, I would like to see an appropriate mixture of the basic SA2 gameplay and a much faster and more fluid version of Lost World's parkour system. I consider SA2 to have the tightest controls of the fully 3D games and putting that into play with a polished Lost-World-esque gameplay style could prove to be something amazing in the hands of the right developers.

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