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Boy Howdie, Sega's SuperStar kids sure was a thing!

Badnik Mechanic

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Ok so SegaBits just put up a rather interesting article about some old promotions Sega ran for the Game Gear and various other consoles/systems.


And everything was going really well until this scary monster showed up.




It looks like everybody was having a lovely day... and then Sonic turned up and the kids screamed in terror?


The full article is on SegaBits so go read it there. It's quite interesting if only for... that Sonic.


Also there's a video of the event too.




Edit: Actually it's quite an old article... only for some reason it's showing up recently on my twitter feed for some reason?

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I thought this was going to be a cancelled Superstars game or something, innocently clicked the link only to come face to face with that.....thing...damn you Hogfather...

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Oh god. What the actual hell.

Did they tape a SHIRT on that fat one? Jesus Christ, they did. Someone kill them. Put them out of their misery. Also, why is there white stuff all over the fat one's muzzle? Looks like one of those inflatable suits.

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