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[COLLAB] SSMB Christmas Tree decorating '13! *LET THE CHRISTMAS CHAOS BEGIN!*

- Eternal Paradox -

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Hello all! Christmas is just around the corner, so it's time to get the old tree old of the loft, and try to fit all of those decorations on it without the darned thing falling over...




As you can see, the tree is bigger and more a tad more realistic than last year.



The same order of events is in play, just reply saying you want to add a creation to the tree and I'll add you to list, PMing you when it's your turn. Please download the latest version of the tree (Which will be shown above for ease of access) and add your decoration. No skipping or just showing up and adding to the tree, ask first, then I'll PM when it's your turn. The tree must remain the same size and dimensions when re-uploaded. For page length, please upload your updated tree into your original post, in spoiler tags. Please save the file as BMP or PNG for image quality. Please write your name in relatively small writing in the yellow box (you don't have to include your name if you don't want to).


Decorations can be anything as long as it's a image and meets the forum's Safe for Work policy, but please keep them within the recommended size. No jagged edges or square block cut-outs please.Rounded baubles or characters on transparent backgrounds make good decorations.


In order to keep things orderly (last year was a bit chaotic), I've marked spaces on the tree with Xs to show where people can place their creations. There are 20 spaces on the tree (Including the topper). The Maximum allowed size is 95 by 95 px. Alternatively, you can leave a present under the tree, but the same size restrictions apply, and It must not obscure a decoration. Obscuring or removing of others people's contributions is not allowed.



If for whatever reason you're unable to contribute when you said you would, the baton will pass to the next person in line. If you want to drop out at any time, either leave a comment here or PM me.


Let's get out there and have fun folks!



Due to the limited amount of space, I can only see 25 available spaces (5 extra for presents or incase anyone drops out.


1) Vertekins (done!)

2) Santa Snowdash

3) Winstmas (Delayed!)

4) Pinkie the Tree Hat (Topper)

5) Gabe Scrooge

6)Indigo Rush

7) Red Hellc

8) The Eleventh Doctor

9) JaiRo

10) Crash

11) KnucklesSnowFairy

12) Chili Nog

13) Snowbotic

14) Duck Avenger Nald

15) W00tkins

16) Santa Sloth

17) Areo

18) BlizzardJeffhog

19) Chaotic Snowstorm Warp

20) Cooluigi

21) Zavok the Silver Snowman

22) Nepenthe

23) Mr. 0

24) Cirno

25) B. Orchid


Emergency back-up: -Paradox-

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I already downloaded the tree, and I need an idea for what to add. 
Hmm... no, Pinkie, as much as I love you, you can't be the star on the tree. 
Give me some time to look at the tree.

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Forgot to mention! Whoever wants to do the topper, just say so, and the one of the first ten will be randomly picked from a random number generator.

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Forgot to mention! Whoever wants to do the topper, just say so, and the one of the first ten will be randomly picked from a random number generator.

Alrighty, might as well.

I'll enter the topper lottery draw!

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