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I think I discovered a new Sonic 1 glitch.


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What the title says. Anyways, as far as I know, this only works in Sonic 1. Basically, what it does is give you a crap-ton of lives. For this to work, one must have Debug Mode activated. If you don't know how, at the title screen, press Up C button, Down C button, Left C button, and Right C Button. Press enter while holding A. It's easier if you do this in Green Hill Zone act 1. With debug mode, kill yourself until you have 1 life left. With 1 life, just blast through the level as you always do, having fun. But you can't get 100 rings, because you will get another life. Now, when you pass through the sign post and the results start showing, kill yourself again. Make sure the next level shows up before the game over screen finishes, in the next act, you will be playing with 0 lives, kill yourself again. You should have either 5 lives, or a glitch amount. If you have 5, kill yourself again, and you will have ALOT of lives. That's how you do it. I think I may be the first person to discover this...

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Hi and welcome to the forums~


For future reference, this topic should be posted in the Sonic Discussion forum (and I think we have a topic for glitches in Sonic games as well, but I'm not sure).  Just so you know.


Anyway, do you have any verification in the way of media that this glitch actually, you know, exists?  Anything to verify that it wasn't just a one-off?

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