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Bootleg or no? I didn't think there was ever an official VCD release...

It had a background from Sonic '06, so yeah, probably bootleg. I can probably provide a CD Image of it if you like...

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Are you talking about the English version of Sonic X, or the Japanese version? I sure hope you're talking about the Japanese version.

But with Sonic: The Movie, it's not a bad English dub, but the Japanese version is better. I've had it on DVD since Christmas 2004, but it's really rare nowdays.

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You know, if any of you have a Demonoid account, I'm erm...'sharing' an iso of the movie right now.

Just saying. ;)

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Oh god. I had the movie iso and also shared it on Sonic on the Net. But never was able to get my hands on it a years ago, when I deleted it becuz of a torrent mistake (said that the iso is not complete and I tried to redownload it).

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