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Sonic games that you consider guilty pleasures

Chaos Incarnate

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Sonic Heroes is stull fun for me, even though there isn't any aspect of it I'd honestly call good. There's just something I like about it

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It's no secret that I adore this game and personally consider it the best 2D game in the series.


The soundtrack, the level design, the sailing, the story-- oh, and the BOSSES... To me, it's so unimaginable for a Sonic game made by Dimps. This game has my favourite set of bosses in the series (Machine Labyrinth and Haunted Ship's ones come to mind) and the story and level design are TOWERS above the first Rush in my opinion. 


Whoop, yes I love this game! My favourite 2D Sonic game on DS.


In fact I...actually think it's better than Sonic Rush. >>

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Sonic 3D Blast: This was actually the 2nd Sonic game I ever played, so maybe that's a reason for me liking it a lot. The soundtrack on both version is amazing and while it doesn't have that ''run fast'' feeling, I actually enjoyed collecting the flickies, plus some of the levels and the bosses were quite interesting.


Sonic R: Ehh...now that I think about it, this was actually the 3rd Sonic game I ever played, so you can see why I consider these game guilty pleasures xD. I remember playing it for hours and for some reason I really didn't mind the soundtrack. I just wish the network system was added back then, too. It would have been much interesting racing online.


Sonic Heroes: While I didn't like the main story, I did enjoy the gameplay and I still consider the level designs of this game were one of the best I've seen in a Sonic game. The characters, including the Chaotix coming back, were fine for me and the return of Metal Sonic was really interesting, too.



Nowdays is quite difficult to know what game would be considered guilty pleasure or not. Before joining this forum I didn't know Sonic Adventure 2 was so hated, the same can be said for Sonic 4, which are both games that I enjoyed (although they're not my favorite ones by any means) so should I consider them guilty pleasure, too? huh.png

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Let me preface my list by saying this: I understand perfectly why they are bad Sonic games, and I agree with the reasons why they are considered such. However, I can find ways to have fun with them. The top reason would be pure rose-tinted nostalgia, since the games I grew up with are bad games. I'll specify any other reasons if I need to. (so maybe I have a wrong definition of guilty pleasure, but it's the definition I use). I'll go ahead and list the games I do like without it being a guilty pleasure: Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, Advance 1 & 2, Rush Adventure, Sonic Adventure 1, and Sonic Colors



1. Sonic Adventure 2. The most overrated Sonic game out there imo, and the the game that started many of the issues that eventually led to the dark age of Sonic. This (and a hand me down Sonic 1 on the Genesis, but I never played it until I was much older and could appreciate 2D games that wasn't Pokémon) was my first Sonic game. This means, as terrible as the treasure hunting and the shooting (and EVEN the speed levels compared to SA1's) is, my rose tinted glasses can let me enjoy the game. I would still give this game a 5/10 review if I did it objectively [it wasn't until 2012 that I played it after a long time not playing it and realized just how bad it really was].


2. Sonic Heroes. Another one that I like mainly out of nostalgia. Plus the music and graphics are still gorgeous to see/hear.


3. Sonic Lost World. I do not understand a lot of the criticisms, but there are some I do agree with. I disagree completely with the complaint about the speed and the level design. Both are just fine. Now, the controls are really wonky quite a bit, and the formula needs work [just like with Unleashed's boost to win, it only got better and I think LW's will too]. But I enjoy the level design, graphics, and music enough to where I can have lots of fun hunting down alternate pathways.


4. Sonic Advance 3. I don't remember a lot since I hardly get to play it now that my GBA and DS Lite no longer work, but I remember enjoying the team gimmick despite the annoying level design.


5. Sonic CD. Basically the same as Advance 3, absolutely hate the level design, but I can enjoy it thanks to the outstanding JPN/EU soundtrack.

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