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Japanese Music, anyone? :D

Hiroko the Kitsune

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Hi Svend, checked out Nega. Like it but it just seems like they're trying too hard to be Dir en Grey. Plus the vids are nowhere near is edgy as anything that the Dir have already done. I mean, biting the heads off babies?

Ha, yeah they're not quite on the same level as Dir yet, but still. Intestine pulling's quite, erm.

Funny you mention Abingdon Boys School, I just got one of their PV's ('Strength') and am liking their sound so far.

Also grabbed me

('REDEEMER'), which I'm loving right now. It's just the kind of rhtyhmic metal noise I love in a band. Also, am really digging the style of the music video itself. :D
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Well, suffice to say Japanese music doesn't really do a great deal for me, but this band do...in fact I think Dread introduced them to me. They're called Bespa Kumamero, and you can check them out over on their myspace at


Crazy Techno Electronica with some killer riffage. Dyed blonde beard ftw.

I don't think LOUDNESS have been mentioned much here, but if you like your metal definitely check them out - my recommendation goes out for their self titled albums, with particular emphasis on Waking the Dead and Slaughterhouse as far as awesome tracks go.

RIZE are pretty good; i've only heard their Alterna album, but the cover of Pink Spider rules so much. Again, think more sort of grunge-ish metal with these guys; I kinda have a thing for strained vocals and Jesse their lead singer provides.


NOTE: Regardless what Svend says, DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO FOR

by DJ OZMA if you wish to retain your hetrosexuality...actually, no. Just watch it...An Cafe have already sexually confused me. The horror.
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