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Japanese Music, anyone? :D

Hiroko the Kitsune

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I'm guilty. I'm especially guilty of getting everyone on SSMB into m-flo in the first place. And bmn's guilty of getting ME into them. <3

I have a load of Japanese music... I tend to avoid the anime artists, because I really don't like associating with all the anime fanboys/fangirls about the place. On top of that, if you try and get into a conversation with a 13 year old about J-music and they list all their anime theme songs, it sort of winds me up, lol! XD

Having said that, Maximum The Hormone was a band I heard on Myspace, then realised they did themes to Death Note... then realised that the exposure didn't soften them (did it hell! Have you seen the PV to Bikini Sports Ponchin? Or Tsume Tsume Tsume? XD). TM Revolution ain't bad either, in small doses. :D

I regularly import CDs and try out new artists I've not heard before - I've tripped to Tokyo a few times (going again in April) and usually take a truckload of CDs back with me, lol. Here are some standout ones that you may not have heard of/may have heard of/will love anyway: :)

  • - Very homo-erotic, provocative dance music discotheque. Watch 'Spiderman', a song made to co-incide with the release of Spiderman 3. Seriously. Hilarious shit.
  • Doping Panda - Like a few of my other faves, got into them via zoning out hardcore to m-flo. 'Dandyism' is a cool album, and 'Miracle' is a noice track.
  • Dragon Ash - If you've seen Battle Royale (a lot of you I imagine), you'll have heard these guys before.
  • Funky Monkey Baby's - A 3-piece "boy band" that does ballady pop on one hand and bouncy pop-rap... stuff on the other.
  • - God bless you, Tetsuya Mizuguchi.
  • GReeeeN - I only have one track of theirs, Ai Uta, but I like lots. :)
  • Kumi Koda - Aw yea.
  • m-flo - Seriously. -Seriously-. They are some tight shit. If you began listening to the flo since the Tripod Baby Shadow Remix, you need to check out all their past work as well. Blow your mind. Now a two-piece group (Rapper VERBAL and mixmaster DJ TAKU) doing endless collabs, they used to be a three-piece soul group back in the late 1990s (with singer LISA, who left to pursue her own solo career). LISA came back for a collab with Tripod Baby. This is so important, I'm listing all my fave flo tracks now, you can't stop me. XD

    • Love or Truth
    • flo jack
    • Hands
    • How You Like Me Now?
    • Prism (This video came before Tripod Baby by about five/six years, FYI. You could consider Tripod Baby to be a 'continuation' of Prism's PV, or something. If you're sad like me.)
    • Miss You
    • Get On
    • The Love Bug
    • Taste Your Stuff
    • Loop In My Heart
    • Dopamine
    • One Day (Kreva Remix)
    • Luvotomy
    • Simple and Lovely
    • Picture Perfect (the original collab with Monkey Majik, not so much the COSMICOLOR mix)
    • Love Me After 12AM
    • She Loves the Cream -Dexpistols Remix-
    • Love Me, Hate The Game
    • Love comes and goes
    • Sorry to do that to you. XD I have a lot of good feeling for m-flo, as they were practically headlining the Soundtrack to my first ever trip to Japan (Beat Space Nine had just been released in HMV whilst there, and got hooked since).

      [*]Monkey Majik - They are pretty funky fresh. I like.

      [*]Michi - Only just got into her during a listen of the Top 40 one week, the song 'Promise' cheers me up. And she's part-British too. :)

      [*]m.o.v.e. - Awesome dance group that has dabbled in a heavy rock side during their career, as well as releasing plenty of trance remix albums. Operation Overload 7's probably my fave album.


      - Originally heard these on Adam and Joe Go Tokyo and followed their (supposedly) short (or at least, very low profile) career. They've only released two albums to my knowledge. Bit of a crazy indie-pop-punk thing going on there.

      [*]Polysics - Many people have heard of Polysics. All I can tell you if you don't know of them; they're mental.

      [*]RUN&GUN - Cheesy boy band pop. 'FACE' is a guilty pleasure. Look how shit this video is. It's fantastic.


      - A duo in a similar vein to m-flo. They're not quite as good, but they're definitely worth a listen. They have some really dope tracks. I got into them after listening to 'Ready or Not vs. Itt' (a collab/re-interpretation or something with another group called Itt).

      [*]DJ Hasebe - A mixmaster that does collabs (as he is a DJ in the true sense, he doesn't do vocals really). Truly funky! He also does some awesome PV's too; check


      [*]SOUL'd OUT - A hip-hop unit that's quite classy. I really like Starlight Destiny.

Those that know me know that I'm a thrash heavy metaller at heart. Killswitch Engage, Throwdown, Chimaira, the works. So it stands to reason that I'm really into discovering Japanese rock and heavy metal too. A lot of the stuff I've found have taken some real work, because the most popular 'J-Rock' music entail Visual Kei of some sort. Which I don't mind, but sometimes looking at guys dressed up as girls is a little bit weird. Having said that, I do like listening to


Asian Kung Fu Generation are quickly becoming my 'Foo Fighters' of J-Rock (in that, Foo Fighters is my favourite rock band) and that's despite them doing a million and one anime themes XP. Every album, pretty much every track they've not put a foot wrong. They're about as 'nerdcore' as they come really, which is good as I'd consider myself that too. :)

I also enjoy Alice Nine, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbZ6b8UyXLY, Dir en Grey, Gackt, Hide, L'arc~en~Ciel, Miyavi, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixS2c1Ac2n0, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fx2xotdZPO4, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGmR2h9tR9o, Girugamesh and the aforementioned Maximum The Hormone.

... everyone in the UK who's into metal has likely heard of these guys, and they rock hard. I have several CDs of their 1990s career, which is likely to never be released outside of Japan. In the early 90s (up until P-A-R-K I'd say) they took their influence more from punk music and heavy rock like Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What you might NOT know is that lead singer Kyono is still performing. Yep, check out Wagdug Futuristic Unity, taking the industrial/techno fusion from the Capsule's 2000 years into new ground. I have their first album on import, and it's worth a listen... I mean, FUCK yeah.

In my quest for finding guys who just rock the goddamn metal house, I've found Uzumaki as well, who tend to fluctuate their style between a

and what I can only describe as 'surf metal'. They have a sort of 'gangster' vibe going on either way. Like I care much. :P

I am also heavily into Rize, the awesome punk band that's like a kind of Japanese 'Skindred'. Their songs are pretty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_twvVSTLsUs, but they're also notable for doing a respectable job of covering Hide's (RIP) Pink Spider song. I also love that bouncing bassist. =D

Anyway, I'll shut up now. That's me. XD Hope you got to listen to some new stuff through this post. If not, well. :P

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Hey Dread, I got into m-flo on my own, you had no influence! :P

But damn, I did not know you were THAT into them.

Anyway, I think it's pretty cool that Shadow was the band's favorite character, and hence why they appreciated making a song for him. ^_^

But the song that got me into m-flo was "Love me after 12AM" when I was watching my copy of Appleseed: Ex Machina. So calm, so peaceful. Nothing like the hip-hop here in America.

Don't get me wrong, I love the vocals of Lil' Weezy (actually, I'm starting to get sick of him since his song kept coming on 50 times a damn day), the humor in Ludicris' lyrics, etc. but m-flo calms the tidal wave with their tracks. Makes you feel like you're at a futuristic theme park in Tokyo.

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I'm a big Japanese music fan. I like Flow and Orange Range mostly. Big fan of the pillows. Asian Kung Fu generation, Utada Hikaru, Taku Iwaska, Shouko Nakagawa, and lots more I like. It has a soothing tune to their music yet a vigorous fighting spirit to it. Gotta love Japanese music.


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Heh japanese music is all I listen these days, I find it so much more cheerful and inspiring even when the song is about something quite as grim, like some of Dir en Grey's stuff.

I listen to a range of stuff, the bands and singers I listen to the most atm are Monkey Majik, Ellegarden, M-flo, girugamesh, MUCC, Shoko nakagawa (mostly different renditions of sorairo days XD) and Gackt mainly cos he's doing the theme for kamen rider this year =P I would list more but I'll refer to Dread's list cos everyone I listen to is pretty much on there XD

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When I say "M" you say "Flo"




*Points at Dreadknux*

That bastard there is the reason why I am into the JPOP now, way back when he uploaded TSS In Tokyo onto the FTP for release as an extra with the FastFeetMedia DVD, me being the sneaky son of a bitch I am dropped it and watched it. Filled with some music I never seen or even considered to represent contemporary Japan, but sure enough, it certainly matched the atmosphere that glowed from the screen.

M-flo was probably my first venture into JPOP land, on a level that didn't heavily involve anime (LOL NOT REAL JPOP ASSMUNCH!!!1111). I followed down the road and eventually ordered a Jap iTunes card. Downloaded Beat Space Nine, Dope Space Nine, Cosmicolour and Awards SupaNova Best of iTunes. I found the CDs in a asian store not too long later and kept them to send to a friend for christmas cause I thought they might enjoy them lol.

Same friend linked pointed me in the direction of the live concerts and offered the wise words: "Listen with your eyes..." That's some Mister Miagii shit right there, but it sure made a boat load of sense when I viewed it, because it was out of this world. And I enjoyed every minute of it. So much so I purchased the live concert off iTunes (an exclusive) and listen to it on a regular basis. Never before has Dopeman sounded so fucking hardcore on speakers.

As well as this I purchased Monkey Majik's - Around the World, BoA's - Brand New Beat and M.O.V.E.'s 10th Anniversary MEGABEST. Some as digital downloads, some as CDs.

Funnily enough, I wouldn't say I am a massive JPOP fan. Some of the stuff I have wacks me out hard.

I have listened to lot's over the years. Maximum The Hormone, Puffy Ayumi (cbf spell her name right), Whee-Sung, Ryohei, Naiivepop or Petitfool, Le Arc En Ciel (I might actually like these guys more with anime next to their songs, because the GTO openings they did was just fucking awesome), Porno Graffiti, DJ Ozma, Midicronia, Dragon Ash (like Svend said, Battle Royale... you must watch it). I liked them all to some capacity, but I could never see myself following them in the same sense as m-flo.

Which is really unfair of me on my part because all those songs and artists are great in their own right and deserve a following. My stance on why I like m-flo the most is, the music sounds "fun". Like, you can feel the love and enthusiasm coming through each song, I can feel the vibe it gives off, and I appreciate the way it makes me feel on a level on contentment. I am in my zen place. For unknown reasons. But I put on some flo, and before you know it, I am in the fucking asshole of zen with not a care in the world.

Could be because it was my first "real" exposure to JPOP, but it still does something for me that not all muic does, it makes me excited and anticipate their next album.

But yeah, got a little carried away there, but that's how it goes. Who's next?

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I like Japanese music, but it goes on a per song basis for me since some songs I've heard are great, and others are just eh. One of my favorites is

called You May Crawl by School Food Punishment. There's quite a bit from anime openings and endings that I liked a lot. Another one that I've recently heard that I've loved is Catch The Rainbow by MISIA.
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I listen to Jpop/JRock every now and again but the only band who I focus on are L'Arc-en-Ciel. They actually got me into the Japanese mucis theme. Got a whole load of thin gs on my MP3 player. :)

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Does anyone also like music that isn't mainstream pop/hip-hop/rock/etc? I mean the more traditional stuff?

I really love traditional Japanese music, and I love the Vietnamese Moon lute.

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I would be hear far too long if I typed out all of my favourites, but any fan of J-pop should definitely get onto "you tube" and find the "Kumikyoku's" more commonly known as

A mix mash of great anime songs and internet viral videos, each one is about 10 minutes long.

'Kumikyoku Lucky Star' All the way.

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Holy crap Dread, thanks for that humango dango list of m-flo songs. XD And other J-pop artists too. I'll check 'em all out! Whee~

Does anyone also like music that isn't mainstream pop/hip-hop/rock/etc? I mean the more traditional stuff?

I really love traditional Japanese music, and I love the Vietnamese Moon lute.

Oohh~ I agree. I love traditional Japanese music. It's so beautiful and peaceful. -w-

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Does anyone also like music that isn't mainstream pop/hip-hop/rock/etc? I mean the more traditional stuff?

I really love traditional Japanese music, and I love the Vietnamese Moon lute.

Yeah I've listened to some traditional pieces and really enjoyed them.

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Along with Anime and Manga I really want to get into Japanese music. I know roughly two bands from Japan being Mad Capsule Markets who I own an album of back when I tried getting into Metal and as recently as yesterday I heard three songs from Maximum the Hormone and love them and want some of their albums! System of a Down on acid, it's great.

Is there an easy way to get CD’s in England like in shops and the like or is it best to buy online? Amazon have a Maximum the Hormone album, the most recent one with the songs from Death Note on for £20 which is a bit steep for a CD.

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SOUL'd OUT - A hip-hop unit that's quite classy. I really like Starlight Destiny.


Is there an easy way to get CD’s in England like in shops and the like or is it best to buy online? Amazon have a Maximum the Hormone album, the most recent one with the songs from Death Note on for
Edited by Jake
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^ some big music stores will stock some of the CDs, but often it's just easier to buy online. Amazon, Playasia etc.

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I agree with Mollfie. It's much easier to buy online since various sites will more than likely have the CDs in stock compared to finding it in the store.

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Siam Shade, nuff said. xD I typically don't like Japanese bands, but they just rock. Daita is a guitar god. Their music also reminds me of Sonic, a lot.

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*Waves hand* I love Japanese music!!!

I personally lurve Moi Dix Mois and Malice Mizer because their songs are so freaking amazing and they both have Mana in them. But Malice Mizer has been on indefine haitas and Moi Dix Mois really haven't been doing too much...

Oh... Dir en Grey is pretty good... I'm kind of new with them. I've heard about them before but I only listened to couple of their songs. But overal they're bad-ass...

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Hmm, off the top of my head:

UVERworld, Flow, Orange Range, Utada Hikaru, Monkey Majik, Funky Monkey Babys, and maybe a little Asian Kung-Fu Generation and L’Arc~en~Ciel (My firends trying to get me into MUCC and Maximum the Hormone, but eh. I'm more interested into getting some of that Back-On).

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Oh, for any rock/metal heads out there...

I forgot UVERworld. :P And I only just discovered a band called 'Nega'. They're... um... well, I'll warn you, don't watch their videos if you're of a nervous disposition. Their PVs are pretty shocking. I won't link to one here, but for Siriku and the like that are into that sort of thing (maybe), it's worth searching for their song 'muddy cult'.

Also, VAMPS have just released a new single - and it's a cover of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL15Ya5fsgo, believe it or not. It's fantastic and cheesy. Cheesy fantastic. Watch it here. :)

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L'arc~en~ciel and m.o.v.e. are my favorite mainstream J-bands. I started listening to L'arc when a friend lent me the Grand Cross Conclusion DVD, and I've loved them ever since. m.o.v.e., on the other hand, I found them via the Initial D anime, where they did most of the OPs/EDs, and from there I started listening to their other songs.

On the hardcore front, I listen to teranoid/kors k, Ryu*, DJ Shimamura, REDALiCE/Akai Hito, Minamotoya, DJ Chucky, M-Project, m1dy & DJ Technorch mainly, and generally the songs that are part of compilations or collaborations.

Finally, I enjoy the music from the touhou project game series, and the groups dedicated to remixing them in general.

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I just remembered other than the Polysics whom I enjoy listening to there is also Boom Boom Satellites who are crazy but I also enjoy them a lot as well just not as much as polysics.

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Is there an easy way to get CD’s in England like in shops and the like or is it best to buy online? Amazon have a Maximum the Hormone album, the most recent one with the songs from Death Note on for £20 which is a bit steep for a CD.

Online is the way to go. www.play-asia.com have a damn good selection and some of the best prices out there but the exchange rate is a bit knackered at the moment so you're looking at 20 quid a pop for a CD.

If you want a bigger selection of Japanese music www.cdjapan.co.jp has the best. Prices aren't as low as Play Asia but the selection is massive. Both sites deliver to the UK but CD Japan is a lot faster I find.

Lots of Maximum the Hormone fans now, very good to see. There's not a lot that you can dislike when it comes to MTH. They're just 4 metal-heads who enjoy what they do. No ridiculous Tony'n'Guy haircuts, no visual kei outfits. Just straight-up noise. Love it.

Hi Svend, checked out Nega. Like it but it just seems like they're trying too hard to be Dir en Grey. Plus the vids are nowhere near is edgy as anything that the Dir have already done. I mean, biting the heads off babies?

Anyone checked out Abingdon Boys School yet? I challenge anyone to watch this and not like it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orPlxUrphJ4. Also someone brought up Ellegarden aswell. I want to love that band but the vocalist just DESTROYS everything. Firecracker is a great example; awesome music but he just wrecks everything with his voice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeRtArRGMTg. It reminds me of Tom Delonge from Blink 182. That man makes me want to pull my own ears off.

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