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    2001 [JP]

    Looks like Billy Hatcher wasn't an ENTIRELY original idea after all eh? ;D Dokipen (or Doki, or whatever the heck it's called) is a classic fast-moving strategy game in which you must guide an egg to the bottom of each of the 10 stages available.

    This is pretty much where the similarities with Hatcher end though: you must protect the egg at all times, and avoid it from being broken by any means necessary. Your abilities are to dig through blocks (and thus get further down the stage) and moving rocks.

    There are bears and moles about that will attempt to eat your egg, so if they touch it, you lose a life too - however, you can crush them by laying a rock on their big bonces. High drops (4 blocks or more), crushing it with your fat self or rocks falling on top of the egg will also destroy it and lose you a life, so be careful, yet speedy.

    If you leave the egg on it's own, it'll start rolling of it's own accord - and suddenly you have a puzzle game that will require you to use your brains and be fast at the same time. Scores are uploaded once the game is complete.

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