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  • Deep Scan (Sonic Cafe)

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    DoCoMo i-mode: 504, 503


    Sonic Team


    SEGA (Sonic Cafe)



    Release Dates:

    2001 [JP]

    Sonic Team plug this as an 'adult's shooter', because you need patience to play it. Charming. Wait, I'm not a kid. Yay. :P "Yeah yeah yeah, hurry up and get on with it will ya Dreadknux?" I hear you say ironically ;)

    Deep Scan sees you taking control of a large grey battleship up at the top of the screen, and your mission is to blast as many enemy submarines below water as you can without getting smacked up the rear end yourself.

    Because it takes a while for a torpedo to get from the top of the water to the bottom of the seabed, you must time your shots well if you're to hit submarines further down. Hence, the patience, I guess. Bonus ships appear in red, and if you hit those, you get bonus points. You avoid enemy fire by moving left and right, and you have about three lives before it's sinking rubber ducky time.

    At the end, your total score is marked, along with a bonus total which is dependant on how accurate you were, you patient slow-moving old git you. :P

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