Insert Coin Shows Off New Sonic Clothing


Well that didn’t take long! It was only a few days ago that we brought you news that Insert Coin were making a new line of Sonic & Sega clothing, today they showed off the designs.

It seems that this time it’s not just Sonic & Eggman that are getting attention. Whist there is a Sonic shirt as espected, there’s designs based on other characters and even one on the Green Hill Zone itself.

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Jazwares Toy Fair 2013 Booth, New Toys Confirmed!

A couple of days ago I posted a roundup of all the Sonic related merchandise news I could find at the New York Toy Fair, in that post I mentioned that there was another toy fair in Nuremberg about a week prior and how Sega/Jazwares had a very big Sonic presence, but no photos of the event had come to light… until now.


A fellow merch collector over at was at the event and took a rather large selection of photos, including the contents of the Jazwares booth, which was displaying several toys that have yet to be announced.

Did I mention these photographs are all clear without obstruction? If your curiosity is ready, your wallets might not be.

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Sega Announces Licensing Deal with Trademark Collections

sonic bag

Sega has just announced a new licensing deal with Trademark Collections for a selection of new Sonic products. The range will include backpacks, umbrellas, school bags and even wheeled luggage featuring the blue one and his friends will be released in the UK later this year.

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Sega Amusements Announce New Sonic Plush Line


On Friday, Sega Amusements posted a tweet suggesting that they were revealing a new Sonic Plush at EAG International. EAG is an arcade/amusement expo in which various companies show off arcade machines and other coin operated attractions. The plush was due to be shown next week at the event, however, it seems that someone has jumped the gun as earlier today Sega Amusements announced the entire range on their own website.

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Signed Original Uekawa Artwork & 10th Anniversary Wine Glass Up For Auction

Looking for a real piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history to add to your collection? Then look no further! Currently up for auction on ebay are a couple of really unique items that will make any Sonic merch-mad fanatic salivate!

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Community Fundraiser: Sonic Merchandise Auctions for Charity

A few months back we heard the tragic story of four year-old Sonic the Hedgehog fan Dylan Cecil, who tragically drowned after slipping from a jetty while on holiday this summer. The funeral, in which he was buried in a Sonic coffin, was reported on several Sonic news sites and moved many in the community.

Several community sites have been in discussion about fund raisers, and so thanks to some very kind donations from SEGA and webmasters, several very rare items of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise are being auctioned off via eBay over the coming weeks.

Below are some of the eBay listings for items in this sale:

Sonic Generations Press Kit

15th Anniversary Sprite T-Shirt

20th Anniversary Numbered Gold Ring

All of the profits will go towards the Burnham Area Rescue Boat fund at the request of the Cecil family. Dig deep for a good cause.

Sega Confirms New Sonic Games for 2013!

You could have guessed this. But it’s one thing to speculate, it’s another thing to get some form of confirmation. Sega have confirmed several new Sonic game for 2013.

In the November 2012 edition of Toys ‘N’ Playthings there is an interview with Sissel Henno who happens to be the Head of Brand Licensing at Sega (Europe). The interview is mainly focused on Sonic merchandise, in it we get some insight into not only Sonic’s future as a brand, but also confirmation for several new games to be released in 2013.

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Crush 40 Live Album Release Date and Track Listing

The Crush 40 Facebook page recently revealed the release date for the Crush 40 Live album (currently untitled) as October 3rd 2012, with a release through the Wavemaster record label. The single-CD live album contains tracks recorded at the Crush 40 Live performances in Tokyo in March with the full band ensemble of Johnny Gioeli, Jun Senoue, Takeshi Taneda on bass and Toru Kawamura on drums.

The track listing as stated on the facebook page is listed as:

01. Sonic Youth
02. Free
03. His World
04. Sonic Heroes
05. Open Your Heart
06. Knight Of The Wind
07. I Am… All Of Me
08. With me
09. Never Turn Back
10. Fire Woman
11. Revvin’ Up
12. Watch Me Fly…
13. Into The Wind
14. Rise Again
15. Sonic Boom
16. All Hail Shadow
17. Live & Learn
18. One Of Those Days
19. What I’m Made Of…

The CD is currently up for pre-order on CDJapan for the cost of ¥2,500 ($32 / £22).

SEGA Want Sonic to be as Popular as Hello Kitty

Sonic the Hedgehog may be a well-known gaming character, but SEGA want his popularity to reach beyond gamers. How do they plan on doing that? With more licensing and merchandise. SEGA’s Jurgen Post, COO of Sega Europe, hopes that one day Sonic will be as iconic as Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

“Sonic is a well-known character, but we’ve got a lot of room to grow in merchandising,” he told MCV.

“We dream of Hello Kitty. We’re still far off from that but we can see that our profits are growing year on year in the US and Europe [on merchandising].

“We’ve got a licensing team on the ground in the UK who are focusing on that and that team will expand. We’ve got a team in the US and which will also expand. We used to run it all out of Sega of Japan, but having people on the ground is making a big difference.

“We will always do the computer game but the merchandising is a very important aspect to Sonic.”

I guess we now know why this is happening.

Source: MCV UK

Competition: Win a Summer of Sonic Goodie Bag + Crush 40 Signed Merchandise!

Sore you couldn’t go to Summer of Sonic? Bummed out that you can’t go to Sonic Boom? Nothing can compare to being there on the day, but we hope to give two very lucky readers out there a little piece of the UK experience with our Summer of Sonic goodie bag!

We have a pair of these to give away, which include the Summer of Sonic tote bag, an Archie comic, a Summer of Sonic programme, a stick of Summer of Sonic rock, a Sonic birthday card and a code for Sonic Generations on the PC. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in one of the awesome 20th anniversary pin badges that have only been available at a few events, along with the brand new Crush 40 EP containing their three new tracks and a Crush 40 poster. What’s more; you will also receive the autographs of both Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli!

So what do you have to do to nab these awesome prizes? Well, all you need to do is answer these three easy-peasy questions about this year’s Summer of Sonic Event!


1) Which two SEGA characters were announced for Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing: Transformed by Steve Lycett?

2) What are the names of the two character theme songs that were performed by Jun Senoue and guest singers during the Jam with Jun?

3) Which two of our invited guests in attendance were involved with the UK Sonic the Comic?


Send your answers to all three questions to the usual competition address at along with your name. The competition will close at 5:00pm BST on Friday 20th of July, and two winners will be chosen at random out of correct entries; winners will be notified by email soon after. This competition is open worldwide, so wherever you are on the planet, feel free to enter!

Good luck!

Sonic Monopoly Finally Announced!

Earlier in the year, we reported on a number of mysterious listings for a selection of various Sonic themed board games being made by USAopoly. However, with no word from Sega and various toy and game websites not reporting it, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a mistake… It wasn’t!

USAopoly recently posted the above teaser image on their Facebook page. No other images or information was given such as price, or even what zones would be on the board, but they did state…

Here is a sneak peek at a few Sonic The Hedgehog titles speeding their way to retail shelves in the near future, also be on the lookout for a new Sonic puzzle as well!


Here’s hoping we’ll get more information soon, stay tuned to TSS. Now… anyone wanna guess what the Old Kent Road space is going to be? I wanna play as the Bouncy Barrel play piece… Oh and, come stay at the Hotel Death Egg, if you dare.

TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid Figure

It’s been a whirlwind ride of sorts for the Sonic Nendoroid figure here in the UK. Made by the Good Smile Company, this limited edition piece of merch was originally only going to available in Japan – but thanks to the surprise announcement that would be stocking it, fans on the other side of the world had the chance to their hands on it too (well, if they were quick enough to get a pre-order in before they sold out, anyway). Now, at last, the Nendoroids have arrived… but have they been worth the hype?

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Go Figure… Sonic Nendoroids Now In Stock!

Following the recent announcement that the limited edition Sonic Nendoroid figures will be made available to UK customers, it has been revealed that has now received its stock and will be dispatching pre-orders over the next week.

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Limited Edition Sonic Nendoroid: UK Pre-Orders Now Open!

This is most definitely the Nendoroid you are looking for.

Merch-hogs, prepare to open your wallets once more – it has been recently revealed that the all-new Sonic Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company will be making its way to UK shores!

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Amazon Releases New Details on Sonic Meccano Sets, Coming July

Meccano has announced that their upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog branded construction sets will be available this July and will be priced between £14.99 and £69.99. Amazon France has also added product descriptions to their listings for the items, which we have shared Google translations of after the jump.

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SEGA JOYPOLIS NANO Opens During JOYPOLIS Theme Park Refurbishment

With the closure of the Odaiba-based SEGA JOYPOLIS last month, many fans making a pilgrimage to Tokyo might be feel a pang of disappointment in that they won’t be able to visit what was the last remaining bastion of SEGA theme parks.

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Production of the ESP Sonic the Hedgehog Guitar

Last year saw some very high-end pieces of merchandise produced to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary (including statues, crystal cubes…even pocket watches!), but by far one of the most desirable objects offered were reproductions of Jun Senoue’s signature Sonic the Hedgehog ESP guitar. The guitars are now in full production, and Senoue-san has been to the ESP factory to oversee production!

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Soundtrack Review – Sonic Generations: Blue Blur & Anniversary Releases

Soundtrack collectors have had their pockets rinsed dry over the last year with the release of a whole plethora of Sonic albums to sate the appetites of those looking for the sounds of the old and new.

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15% Off January Sale on at, US Store Coming at a Later Date

SEGA has issued a press release today regarding the launch of their official Sonic store, which went live last month. To celebrate the launch, all customers can get 15% off all items until the end of the month by using the JANSALE15 promotional code. Our readers over the pond will be happy to hear that SEGA has announced plans to release a similar store in the USA and other American markets at a later date. We’ll bring you details on the US store as and when they are made available. For now, check out the press release after the jump.
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[SOLD OUT!] Order Sonic Generations Soundtrack From For Free Gifts!

[UPDATE: You snooze, you lose! The has completely sold out!] [UPDATE 2: The store has sold 100 CDs – twice the initial amount put aside for this – while only the first CDs sold will receive the stickersheet, SoA from confirms that everyone who placed an order will receive a ESP Sonic guitar plectrum!] have a limited number stock of the new Sonic Generations “Blue Blur” 3CD soundtrack currently available. For $55 and $8 shipping (UK and US), you will receive an exclusively signed copy of the CD with a personalised message from Senoue-san should you wish one.

The first fifty orders will also receive a Sonic Generations sticker sheet along with a VERY exclusive black ESP Jun Senoue/Crush 40 Sonic the Hedgehog edition guitar pick!

To purchase your copy head to the store

Better hurry though – these won’t last long!

Project 24 Guests, Prizes and Timetable Update!

From 0:00 GMT (Midnight) on Sunday, SEGASonic:Radio will be bringing you 24 hours of live shows brought to you from a host of DJs!

The new schedule looks like this: Continue reading Project 24 Guests, Prizes and Timetable Update!

[UPDATE: TOTAL AND WINNER!] GreenAid: Donate For A Chance To Win A F4F 20th Anniversary Statue!


Over the period of the last week we have raised a massive £530 (about $800US) for Dan Green! We at the Sonic Stadium would like to convey our utmost gratitude to all those who donated – this is an absolutely fantastic contribution!

We’ve drawn a winner at random, and we’d like congratulate Josh T from the UK! You are the lucky recipient of a very rare and exclusive F4F 20th Anniversary statue!

Thanks to everyone who has donated or posted an entry on the guest book!



Earlier this week we were informed of the sad news regarding the passing Dan Green‘s wife. Dan has contributed substantially to the voice acting community, notably providing voices for cartoons such as Yugioh – you will most likely remember him as the voice of Knuckles the Echidna from 2005-2010.

Our good friend Mike Pollock, who many of you might have run into at Summer of Sonic, has set up the Dan Green Guestbook through which you can send a message of condolence, or donate (there’s also an address to send cards or fan art or any other small physical letters).

We at Sonic Stadium would like to rally the entire Sonic community to contribute in order to assist Dan and his new born children through a very difficult time – and we want your help too! Continue reading [UPDATE: TOTAL AND WINNER!] GreenAid: Donate For A Chance To Win A F4F 20th Anniversary Statue!

Five Gold Rings – A Christmas Carol Competition!

We’re kicking off the festive season in style at TSS, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a competition?

Thanks to our friends over at ZAGG we’ve got a whole batch of excellent goodies for mobile phones to give away! Up for grabs are ten sets of 3.5mm earphones, and ten Sonic-themed ZAGGskins scratch protectors for iPhone 4 or Galaxy i9000.

All YOU have to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes is rewrite a favourite festive carol or song with a Sonic theme! Be as imaginative as you like, just make sure that the song remains recognisable and features elements from any aspect of the Sonic universe. We’d love to see what you come up with, you creative bunch!

To enter, send us an email at competition[at] with your name, email address, your entry of course, and the name of the original carol or song that you’ve rewritten. Winners will be contacted for postal address details at the end of the competition.

The closing date for all entries is midnight on Monday December 12th so please get your entries to us by then!

Prizes will be randomly allocated unless you are entering for a phone skin, in which case please let us know in your email whether you have an iPhone 4 or a Galaxy i9000 so that we can match the prize to you if you are a winner.

If you like the look of these excellent prizes, ZAGG are holding a half-price sale right now, so why not hop on over to their store to see what else they’ve got?

Welcome to the Festive Season on TSS~ Keep your eye out for more great events on both the main site and the forum. Have fun! Now Open For Business

SEGA’s official online store for Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise is now officially open for business. The store stocks a variety of items like school supplies, electronics, apparels, DVD’s and more. The website also has a loyalty scheme which rewards purchases with points that you can later use as part payment for future spends. The store ships to the UK and Europe, and delivery charge depends on weight, size and delivery address.

More information is available in the website’s customer service section.

Thanks to hypermikey and fluttersoard for the heads up!

Australia and New Zealand Get M&S London 2012 Collector’s Edition

Following the previously revealed Limited Edition, the Australia and New Zealand branches of Mighty Ape are now listing a Collector’s Edition for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Collector’s Edition contains:
– Game
– Money tin
– Stationary Kit
– Beach ball
– Key ring
– Lanyard

You can pre-order your copy of the Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Collector’s Edition at the links below. Both retailers ship worldwide. $88.99AU $109.99NZ

If the Collector’s Edition doesn’t interest you, you can order the Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Limited Edition at EB Games Australia for £88.00AU.

The Limited Edition contains:
– Game
– Steel Tin
– Poster
– T Shirt
– Notebook
– Carry Bag

Unfortunately, it appears EB Games doesn’t ship outside of Australia.

With Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games now having a Collector’s Edition, like Sonic Generations did, it’s definitely an expensive year to be a Sonic fan.

Japan: Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set Revealed

Sonic Scene has discovered that Sonic fans in Japan are getting a special Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set. This set includes a 20th Anniversary crystal cube, a 20th Anniversary cloth and the History of the 1st Stage Original Soundtrack White Edition (Xbox 360 & PS3)/Blue Edition (Nintendo 3DS).

Here’s a Google translation of the details:

Xbox 360 & PS3:
[20] Anniversary Set
20th Anniversay Sonic crystal cube
with a weight inside the crystal cube, stereoscopic 3D laser engraved limited edition Sonic the 20th anniversary of the original design.
What you see so many angles and by moderate light, enjoy a timeless interior items.
Delivered in an outer box 20 anniversary logo stamping gorgeous!! DATA Size: 6cm Width 6 × depth 10 × height Weight: 902g ※ The picture is an image of the production. [Benefits] Store Sega Sonic 20th Anniversay Hand Sonic’s classic modern, cute and studded with hand-drawn Sonic, Sonic is a washcloth in very horsetail. ※ The picture is an image.

[Bonus Book] HISTORY OF THE 1ST STAGE Original Soundtrack White Edition ※ The picture is an image. Are limited because the number of ※, and lasts. ▼ List of songs 1.sega Call 2.angel Island / Sonic the Hedgehog 3 3.splash Hill / Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I 4.palmtree Panic / Sonic the Hedgehog CD Grove / Sonic 3D Blast 6.Resort Island / Sonic R 7.emerald Coast / Sonic Adventure 8.City Escape / Sonic Adventure 2 9.westopolis / Shadow the Hedgehog 10.Forest Falls / Sonic Rivals 11.Wave Ocean / Sonic Zahejjihoggu (two thousand and six) 12.windmill Isle – Day / Sonic World Adventure

Nintendo 3DS:
[20] Anniversary Set
20th Anniversay Sonic crystal cube
with a weight inside the crystal cube, stereoscopic 3D laser engraved limited edition Sonic the 20th anniversary of the original design.
What you see so many angles and by moderate light, enjoy a timeless interior items.
Delivered in an outer box 20 anniversary logo stamping gorgeous!! DATA Size: 6cm Width 6 × depth 10 × height Weight: 902g ※ The picture is an image of the production. [Benefits] Store Sega Sonic 20th Anniversay Hand Sonic’s classic modern, cute and studded with hand-drawn Sonic, Sonic is a washcloth in very horsetail. ※ The picture is an image. [Bonus Book] HISTORY OF THE 1ST STAGE Original Soundtrack Blue Edition ※ The picture is an image. Are limited because the number of ※, and lasts. ▼ List of songs 1.sega Call 2.mushroom Hill / Sonic & Knuckles 3.Toxic Caves / Sonic Spinball 4.Botanic Base / Kaotikusu 5.South Island / Sonic The Fighters 6.Seaside Hill / Sonic Heroes 7.Leaf Storm / Sonic Rush 8.Planet Kingdom / Sonic Rush Adventure 9.Metal City / Riders Sonic and the Secret Rings 10.Sand Oasis / Sonic and the Black Knight 11.Camelot Castle / Sonic 12.Tropical Resort / Sonic Colors

You can view the contents of the set in our gallery below.

You can order the Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Set at at the below links:
Xbox 360: 10,479 yen
PS3: 10, 479 yen
Nintendo 3DS: 8,379 yen

Source: Sonic Scene

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

SEGA Partners With Flunch to Promote Sonic Generations

SEGA has partnered with French restaurant Flunch to promote their upcoming game Sonic Generations. From October 22nd to November 27th, you can grab one of five Sonic figurines with the purchase of a kids meal: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy or Shadow. If you’re a teen or older, you can buy the figurines separately for €3.00 each.

Flunch is also holding a contest in each of their restaurants to win a kit consisting of a copy of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations (winner’s choice) and a Sonic hat. 40 of these kits are also being given away online. The contest is open to children aged 3-10 years old residing in France, as stated in the terms and conditions.

Source: Flunch Blog (via Eversonic)

SEGA Signs VMC to Produce Sonic Accessories in the UK, Spain Gets Sonic Generations T-Shirt Pack

SEGA Europe has signed on VMC Accessories to produce a range of Sonic the Hedgehog licensed accessories ranging from Winter specialties like headwear, earmuffs, scarves, gloves and mittens to items like sunglasses, belts, fashion bags and wheeled suitcases. VMC Accessories is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of children’s licensed fashion accessories and should make a great addition to SEGA’s list of merchandise partners.

The accessories will be available to buy Spring 2012.

In other news, SEGA Spain has announced on their official Tuenti page that fans in Spain will soon be able to get their hands on a Sonic Generations t-shirt that comes packaged in a special Mega Drive-themed box. SEGA Spain says they will update soon with details of how you can obtain this item.

Sources: and Sonic Paradise

Thanks to SSMB member Lucky for the heads up on the VMC Accessories story and thanks to Seraphinprincess for the heads up on the Sonic Generations t-shirt news!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Pre-orders Now Open For First 4 Figures’ Classic Knuckles Statue

First 4 Figures has today opened pre-orders for their recently teased Classic Knuckles statue. An ‘Exclusive’ version has also been revealed, which features red and yellow lights to give a lava effect to the rocky base themed around Sonic & Knuckles‘ Lava Reef Zone. The Exclusive version will set you back $189.99 and is limited to just 500 pcs, while the standard version (without lights) will cost you a little less at $169.99 and will be limited to 1,500 pcs. Both statues will be released Q2 2012.

You can pre-order and view more images of the statues at the links below.
First 4 Figures Classic Knuckles statue: $169.99
First 4 Figures Classic Knuckles Exclusive statue: $189.99

Thanks to sonicwalter via Twitter for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Sonic Snap! Win A First4Figures 20th Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog Statue!

Oh boy, do we have a competition for you this month!

We don’t know about you, but we are all incredibly excited here at TSS after seeing all of the new footage of the stages available in Sonic Generations! To celebrate twenty years of Sonic the Hedgehog and the impending release of Sonic Generations, the Sonic Stadium has teamed up with SEGA to bring you an incredible competition!

The good folks at SEGA Europe have kindly given us an ultra-exclusive First 4 Figures 20th Anniversary Sonic statue and one very, VERY lucky person will be walking away with this awesome piece of merchandise – you can’t buy these in the shops (and they go for a fortune on ebay) so this is your chance to bag an awesome item of memorabilia!

So how do you have a shot at winning this? Well, we want you guys and gals to show your creative side!

What we want you to do is recreate one of your favourite moments from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe…in photographic form!

We want you to be as creative as you can with your photograph! Maybe you want to get together with some friends and dress up to recreate a scene from Sonic Adventure? Perhaps you want to construct a scene from SatAM in clay? You might even consider making a segment of Sweet Mountain entirely out of cake! The choice is entirely down to you; the more original your idea and the more impressive and epic your picture is, the better chance you will have of snagging this ace statue…and believe me you will have lots of competition! The best photos along with the winning entry will be featured on the front page of the Sonic Stadium.

Get snapping, and good luck!

1. The competition is open to anyone worldwide, but please only one entry per person – multiple entries will not be considered.
2. We want your picture to be entirely true to your effort and true to reality – no photoshopping or digital picture editing in any entries please!
3. Pictures need to be in digital form (preferably in .jpg or .png format), no bigger than 5MB in size, but no smaller than 1200 x 1600 pixels – we want to see great quality images!
4. All entries must be emailed to tbird [at] titled “Sonic Snap!” – your email must include your photograph, a sentence describing which scene your photo is recreating along with your real name and email address. We will only ask for your postal information if we pick you as the winner.
5.  All entries must be received by 5:00pm GMT on Friday 4th of November 2011. Any entries received after this date will unfortunately not be considered, so get them in before you start playing the game on launch day!

Think outside the box! Don’t just get your toys out and take a photo – think of an idea or an element that no one else will think of! Use your environment, use props, use your brain!
Think about your idea thoroughly! Don’t rush to get your entry in by the end of the first week! Brainstorm your ideas and talk to friends and family – sometimes inspiration comes from unlikely places!
Use the time you have! You’ve got over four weeks to submit your entry – plenty of time to make or obtain anything you need to set the scene.
– Get others involved! Get your friends to pose with you, or get your folks to help making things – there is no limit to how many people you have involved in your entry!

Jazwares Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures Coming to the UK Later This Week

UK collectible specialist retailer Forbidden Planet is now taking pre-orders for Jazwares’ set of Sonic 20th Anniversary action figures. The figures will be released this coming Thursday October 6th and are priced between £7.99 and £22.99, depending on the size of the figure.

To view the collection and/or get your pre-order(s) in, head over to Forbidden Planet’s website.

Thanks to SSMB member BinaryRaptor for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Sonic CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition to be Released

So far we have seen both Sonic Adventure titles as well as the Sonic Heroes soundtracks re-released this year in abridged formats, along with the two upcoming Sonic Generations soundtracks which are already on the way…not to mention the Masato Nakamura release of the Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 original music and demos! To add to that, the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog CD will now be seeing a release later this year! Unlike the other soundtracks, this will be the first time this soundtrack has made it to an official release, with select tracks only appearing on other compilations.

The release date is scheduled for the 23rd of November this year, with a RRP of ¥2400 (about £21 / $32). To date no track listing is available.

So, SEGA…when will we be seeing a US soundtrack re-release? Oh really? Thought not.

To pre-order the CD, head over to CD-Japan.

Jazwares Confirms Classic Knuckles Figure In The Works

Sonic action figure maker Jazwares has revealed in reply to a fan query on their Facebook page that work is underway on a Classic Knuckles action figure.

Well folks he is in the works. And he looks AWESOME!

No pictures or details about the figures have been released, but we would assume it will be part of the 20th Anniversary line and be out before Christmas.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details.

Source: Jazwares Facebook page

Thanks to Rooftrees Spindash at the SSMB for the heads up!

Got a news tip? Send it in to, or via Twitter at @Shadzter and we’ll credit you for the find.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 Soundtrack Available for Preorder

Although news on it’s release has been pretty sketchy, it now finally looks like the Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 soundtrack will be seeing the light of day this October.

With distribution through the Universal Music (the record label of Japanese super group Dreams Come True to which the original composer Masato Nakamura belongs), the soundtrack is set to contain the full workings from the Megadrive / Genesis titles, along with unheard demo material all reworked.

You can preorder this soundtrack now through Play-Asia for $36.49 (about £27) and CDJapan for ¥3000 (about £26), and you will be pleased to know they will ship to most countries worldwide. The soundtrack is set to be released on 19th of October 2011.

Although no announcement of track listings or box art has been confirmed, the price would indicate that this may be a double-CD soundtrack [EDIT – Sonic Retro claim it comes on a massive 3 CDs with 88 tracks -T] , although again this is speculative; we will keep you informed as always through the Sonic Stadium as more information comes to light.

PREORDER: Play-Asia, CDJapan

Way Past School! Stationery Competition Winners

Well, there certainly was a lot of homework for the TSS staff to mark this weekend! So much in fact it’s taken us an extra day to do it – but now we can officially announce the winner of the competition! We had nearly 300 entries; some made us laugh, some made us cry (ok a lot made us cry) … some were so long we fell asleep half way through reading them. But like in any class, the top students have passed their test with flying colours!

So, without further delay, congratulations to our winner needsemail1, with this very clever, Sonic Colors-themed excuse:

“Sorry i didn’t do my algebra home work – I forgot how to CUBE.” -needsemail1

We’re also sending some stationery to two runners up, Curty and skyblaze, who also had two very understandable excuses:

“Sorry I bombed that Physics exam. I copied from Takashi Iizuka.” – skyblaze

“Sorry I’m late Sir, I was late leaving my dorm because I had to…cream the rabbit >:3” – Curty

All three of you please get in contact with your postal details through tbird [at] and we will send your prizes out to you!

As for the rest of you, it’s 5 laps around Green Hill Zone with Coach AAUK.