Big Sega and Sonic sale going on now at Humble Bundle

Sonic Sale


Now’s the best time to add a collection of Sonic games to your PC! is having a huge sale on Sega games, including the Sonic Hits Collection for a whopping 85% off! The collection not only has just about every Sonic Genesis title, but also includes Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Sonic C.D., Sonic Generations (+DLC), Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing 1 & 2 (+DLC) and Sonic 4 episodes 1 & 2. All for the low, low price of $16.94 (USD). You can also pick up All-Stars Racing Transformed by it’s lonesome for $3.99. The sale is only going on for a few days, so hurry and save!

Nintendo Announces New M&S London Blue Wii Bundle For Europe

Nintendo has announced that European gamers will soon be able to get their hands on a new limited edition blue Wii. This new colour variation of the console will come bundled with a copy of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games when the game hits store shelves November 18th. It will also come with blue Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk controllers and a sticker sheet featuring characters from the game.

It’s worth noting that this Wii console is the new model Nintendo announced a short while back. This newly configured hardware isn’t compatible with GameCube games and accessories. Details such as the price of this bundle and where it will be available to pre-order and purchase are currently unknown. We’ll pass that information along when we get it.

Sources: Eurogamer and Nintendo UK

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[UPDATE] Sonic Generations Demo and 20th Anniversary Bundle Available For Download Tomorrow

UPDATE: Andriasang reports that the Sonic Generations demo will be released both on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live tomorrow. The demo will include Classic Sonic’s Green Hill Zone stage and will only be available to download until July 12th, then after that date any downloads of the demo will expire, so make sure you take it for a spin before then. The demo, like the full game, is also said to support 3D TV’s.

Source: Andriasang (via CVG)
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SEGA will be celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary tomorrow in style in the digital download space. The official Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter this afternoon revealed that the previously announced demo of Sonic Generations will be coming tomorrow. Sony then revealed details of this week’s EU PlayStation Store update, and yes, you guessed it, the demo is listed for tomorrow for all locales. There’s no word of the demo hitting the U.S. PS Store or in any region for the Xbox Live Marketplace yet, but we fully expect it to be made available on those services.

The EU and U.S. PS Blogs have also revealed a 20th Anniversary Bundle, which consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Adventure (and DX add-on), and the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 dynamic theme. The bundle will be available to purchase from tomorrow for 20 days at the reduced price of (£13.99/€17.99/$19.99). No word on if this bundle will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but we expect it will.

We’ll update when we know more about all of this content’s availability.

Sources: Sonic 20th Anniversary Twitter, U.S. PS Blog

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ASR PS3 Wheel Bundle Revealed

GAME’s Spanish website has revealed a new wheel bundle for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing only its not for the Wii but for the PS3 version instead. The wheel is an officially licensed product made by 4Gamers which you may recognise from the recent PS3 trailer where those actors are utilizing it to showcase the PS3 controllers Six-Axis motion control.

The wheel bundle costs 12 more Euros than the game on its own so like the Wii Wheel bundle its not a freebie. This isnt the first SEGA racing game to use Six-Axis, SEGA Rally(SEGA Rally Revo to you guys in the U.S.) fans may recall that game supported the feature to add optional motion steering which worked well in my experience.

At the moment we only know of Spain getting this bundle but if we find more retailers selling it we’ll let you know.

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ASR Wii Wheel Bundle Cost’s £5 More Than Solo Edition

UK retailers are listing 2 edition’s of the Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing, the Wii Wheel bundle and a solo version without the wheel. It appears the Wheel won’t be a freebie as the Wii Wheel bundle is listed at GAME for example at £34.99 and the solo version at £29.99 making the bundle £5 dearer. The bundle packaging doesn’t say it’s free and I don’t believe SEGA ever said it would be free so no-one can complain.

Gamestation are listing both the Wii Wheel bundle and the solo edition at £29.99. are being very generous and listing both versions at the same price of £27.99 –
Wii Wheel Bundle


Retailers selling the Wii Wheel bundle version at £5 more:




WH Smith

Chips World

Samba Wii out now – Sega confirm official maraccas on way

Samba De Amigo Wii has been released in Europe today and many retailers are already taking advantage of the game by releasing their own over-priced dull looking maracca shells. Anyone who’s been watching this game the past few months will remember an image that appeared on the internet of an official bundle of the game with a pair of official maracca shells. Sega have now confirmed to French gaming site Gamekyo that an official bundle of the game with maracca shells is indeed on the way and should be released in about one months time. Sega have even shown the maracca shells to Gamekyo staff.

You can check out pictures of the maraccas and bundle here.

Dreamcast Lives A Little Longer In Europe With New Official Bundle

Hey, we thought the Dreamcast was dead! Well, sadly it still is, yes – it wasn’t all a bad dream – but SEGA Europe is somehow still keeping things going with a new official bundle now on store shelves. If you’re on the market for a backup Dreamcast in case your current one goes kaput, this is going to be the best time to get one.

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