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  • F4F’s Sonic Adventure Statue Priced, Up For Pre-Order

    First4Figures’ latest Sonic PVC statue, based on Sonic’s iconic Adventure 1 box art pose, is finally priced and up for pre-order.

    The statue comes in three variants including basic, collectible, and definitive, though only the latter two are currently available on F4F’s website. This is notable, since the website won’t charge you the full price immediately, and also allows for installation payments.

    F4F’s website gives the statues a broad Q4 release date, while Entertainment Earth says they will be released in November, and SEGA Shop Europe gives them an October date.

    Details on the statues, including photos, pricing, and pre-order links are below:

    Basic Edition

    The cheapest statue, it lacks any sort of the bells and whistles of the other editions, including the circular base. It’s dimensions are H8.3" (21cm) x W6.3" (16cm) x D5.6" (14.2cm). Not available on F4F’s website.

    Can be bought at Entertainment Earth for $89.99 here. Europeans can obtain a statue from SEGA Europe’s shop for £79.99 here.

    Collector's Edition

    This statue includes a circular base illuminated by an LED. The lighting can either be static or animated. It’s dimensions are H9.1" (23cm) x W6.5" (16.5cm) x D6.9" (17.5cm), and it’s priced at $119.99/£99.99.

    You can get it from F4F’s website here. You can get it from SEGA Shop Europe here.

    Definitive Edition


    This edition adds a resin ring around Sonic, illuminated by LEDs. The LEDs can either be static or animated. The speed of the animation can be adjusted with a dial on the back. Only a limited number of these statues will be produced, and each statue will receive its own number and authentication card.

    Its dimensions are H10.8" (27.5cm) x W10.6" (27cm) x D7" (18cm). The statue currently has an early bird price of $279.99 on F4F, which will last until June 26. After that, the statue will be priced at $299.99. It’s £259.99 at SEGA Shop Europe.

    You can pre-order it from F4F’s shop here, or from SEGA Europe here.

    Finally, if you want to see these statues in motion, you can check out the Youtube video below:

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