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  • New Sonic Prime Episodes Will Feature in Netflix's "Drop 01" Showcase

    Will we see a tease for the "third season"?

    Did you know that Netflix is hosting a special preview event tomorrow for its latest projects? Well, neither did we but we do now! At this upcoming showcase, called "Drop 01", the video company is planning to show off a sneak peek of some brand new episodes of Sonic Prime.


    Sonic Prime will be one of the animated shows that is being highlighted at the Netflix event, and chances are that whatever teasers they have planned will point to a new "third season" of the series. If so, it'll be a dramatically shorter wait for this compared to the seven-month drought we had to endure to catch the last season (if you recall, the first eight episodes of Prime launched in December 2022, with a further eight - "Season 2" - arriving in July 2023).

    You'll be able to watch the Netflix Drop 01 showcase on Wednesday 27 September from 9am PT / 5pm UK, on the Netflix YouTube channel.

    What are we hoping to see? Let us know in the comments section below - and remember to use spoiler tags, just in case your fellow Sonic fan (i.e. me) hasn't caught up yet!

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    Might wanna change the link, 'cause it's leading to a Drop 01 stream, but it's on the 28th instead. This one however, leads to one that starts later today, from the main Netflix channel. Your welcome. :)

    Aside from that, pretty hyped to see more!

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    I've just found out that the first episode of season 3 is called Classic and Lego. 

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