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  • DiC Planning Sonic Underground DVD Releases in Place of SatAM

    We might not be seeing any new SatAM DVD releases anytime soon, but there is some Sonic the Hedgehog-shaped light on the cartoon horizon, as DiC has apparently confirmed that it will be looking to releasing DVDs of Sonic Underground in its place.

    Community SatAM advocate "Sonique" has been in touch with the animation company and shared an email she received about the situation on Ken Penders' message board:


    Yes, we are currently working on releasing a number of DiC titles this year. Unfortunately, we were unable to release Sonic the Hedgehog because of third party rights, but we will be releasing Sonic Underground in its place.

    This will be part of our Games releases along with Super Mario Bros III and Legend of Zelda.

    Last time we reported on this, it was said that SEGA blocked the release of any SatAM DVDs. That could still be the case, as the email mentioned "third party rights", but the fact remains that until the disputes with these third parties are resolved, we won't be seeing any more SatAM. Still, at least we can catch up on Sonic Underground.

    Source: Sonique (via Sonic HQ)

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