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  • UK Amazon Sonic Superstars Pre-Orders Now Include Comic Skins

    Now you don't have to pretend you shop at Kroger's.

    Fans in the UK hoping to get a chance to obtain the recently-announced "Comic Style Character Skins" for Sonic Superstars are in luck - it appears that the new DLC will be included as an added pre-order bonus if bought from Amazon.


    Amazon listings for the game have recently been updated, to include mention of the Comic Style skins, which it notes are "exclusive" to the online retailer. So your only way of getting this is from Amazon, it seems.

    The above image was also added to those same Amazon listings, which also highlight another pre-order bonus of an exclusive LEGO Eggman.

    Sonic Superstars is currently available for pre-order across four platforms: Nintendo Switch (currently priced at £54.99), PS4 (£52.99), PS5 and Xbox consoles (funnily enough the cheapest, at £49.99 each).

    What do you think? It certainly beats having to earn points at some US supermarket, that's for sure. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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    The Tenth Doctor


    Huh, posted this in the original Comic Skins topic yesterday, didn't think it'd be worth its own topic :p

    Conflicted on if I should preorder this one or the Digital Deluxe. These are the best preorder skins, without doubt but you get more in Digital Deluxe.

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    Would love those skins, but I'm not a fan of exclusive in game items per outlet / preorder. At least the digital deluxe content can be bolted on and purchased separately for physical enthusiasts. 

    Nevertheless, this sort of thing is what almost pushes me to choose to purchase Mario Bros Wonder first and get this later (especially knowing this will be half price after Christmas).

    ...buuuut I'm a loyalist, and I just can't help myself. That said even for a day one purchase I'm not planning on paying a dime over £39.99. Shop around if you can folks. 

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    So how do you get ALL the content this game has to offer (because I already pre-ordered a $70+ digital download of a video game, for LEGO skins based on DLC content from a licensed toys-to-life game that's now scalped to $100+ across the internet)?

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    I am wonfering whether to get this or the game version with the acryic stand. 


    If i can add the digital extras as adlc, no brainer but if some as retailer locked.... :unamused:

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