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  • Sonic Advance 2 New Character: Cream the Rabbit!

    Woah woah woah WOAH. Stop the presses, people. I SAID, STOP IT! Good. ^_^ We were kinda hoping nothing big would happen while we were 'under', but so has been the case and hence the date of writing this Update up. The non-appearance of Amy had us all gearing up for something big at 'Stadium Towers, and now we know what that big thing is.

    A new character. Well, technically, two new characters.


    Meet Cream the Rabbit and her teeny cutesy pal, Cheese the Chao. Both work together in unison, and from the crummy translation of the Japanese website, we are told a little (if anything) about Cream's personality. It seems that, in a nutshell, she has a heart of gold, but never gives up after setting herself a goal. These goals, however, tend to be very controversial, and the website states that Cream gets herself into a lot of trouble because of this.

    A picture of the two characters can be seen above. Cheese looks extremely cool in a weird sense, with his little bow-tie and all...

    We also got hold of some screens of Cream and Cheese (see the character puns that Sonic Team always, always love?) that Sega *dun dun duuuuun* never wanted your eyes to see! The first two show her running through the game - it seems that Cheese is your little companion in-game too, destroying robots ahead of you at will. It's unknown whether you'll be able to 'control' Cheese via Cream, but a cool thought to mention.


    This last shot is very special indeed - Cream yelling something 'revolution'-style to Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Bizarre. Unless, the new GBA outings go a tad Sonic Adventure on us and there is an actual in-game plot to all this, with cutscenes and the like.

    advance2-tgs2002-01.png advance2-tgs2002-02.png advance2-tgs2002-03.png advance2-tgs2002-04.png

    Fantastic and truly exciting stuff, more news as it happens! A movie from Tokyo Game Show 2002 can be played below!

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