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  • The Sonic Site Awards 2002: PHASE 3 CEREMONY - The Winners!

    Welcome one, welcome all, to the biggest event in the Sonic online community calendar! That's right, it's the Sonic Site Awards 2002! We had a fantastic time last year, discovering all sorts of brand new Sonic fan sites and becoming closer as a community. This time, we're hosting a big online party to celebrate the winners of 2002, and you're all invited!


    Bring your best suit/dress, and tune in to our Phase 3 Ceremony today at 3:00pm GMT (10:00am EST in the US). Below you'll find links to the Sonic Stadium MB, which will include a special forum to chat about the SSA and the awards; the AOL Instant Messenger Chat Room, so you can chat to other live; and soon throughout the day you'll find special SSA AIM Buddy Icons to use!

    • Click here to join the chat on The Sonic Stadium MB!
    • Click here to join the chat on AOL Instant Messenger Chat!

    AIM Chat Icons:


    The SSA Ceremony Broadcast can be listened to also - click the links below. Due to some weirdness, it comes in an oddly-evened out two-parter - click Part 1, then when that is finished, click on Part 2. It's in MP3 format, so make sure you got Windows Media Player or WinAmp at the ready!

    You'll notice that the Awards for each category will appear one by one over the course of the night as well, so that if you haven't caught the broadcast, you'll be able to see the winners in text. You'll also be able to pick up your award this way, if you are the winner of the category in which the award is being displayed for!

    Listen to the Ceremony Broadcast!

    SSA 2002 Ceremony Broadcast PART ONE
    157kb, 1 minute 20 seconds

    SSA 2002 Ceremony Broadcast PART TWO
    2.77MB, 24 Minutes 14 Seconds

    SSA 2002: The Winners!

    Well, what a year it has been. The Sonic Site Awards is now officially over, and Shadow of a Hedgehog remains the winner of the SSA for this year. As well as some records broken I feel - Neon Chaos' site has won the most consecutive Sonic Site Awards in one year. Well done to him!

    Neon Chaos has made an excellent impression with Shadow of a Hedgehog this year - although changing the layout several times didn't seem to faze the visitors, the emphasis on SoaH was always innovation, a thing that is all too little in this Online Community, and a point that sites such as SoaH and the Sonic Stadium are trying to enforce. Neon, congratulations!

    And well done to all of you - the nominees, the fans of the nominees' sites, and the winners. Next year is all about making things better and improving them. If you haven't won this year, then do not fear, you were good enough to become nominated by the people, and that in itself makes you a winner!

    Funniest Sonic Site 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Dirty Power聽- 114 VOTES
    2nd. 聽The Green Hill Zone聽- 77 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽The Moogle Cavern聽- 35 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽The Super Sonic Super Site聽- 33 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽The Domain of Netraptor聽- 12 VOTES

    'Sonic News' Award for Best Reporter 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Pepperidge聽- 84 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Neon Chaos聽- 66 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Tristan Bresnen聽- 63 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Lisa聽- 41 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽ZinDinTimeYUM聽- 18 VOTES

    Information Station Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Stuff Research Group聽- 94 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Sonic Central聽- 68 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic PC聽- 36 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Mystic Mobius聽- 31 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽ShenSonic Homepage聽- 25 VOTES

    Fan Game Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Robo Blast 2聽- 92 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Sonic: The Fated Hour聽- 49 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Collision Demo聽- 38 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽When Team 3 Gets Bored聽- 37 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽ShenSonic Demo3聽- 31 VOTES

    Coolest Downloads Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Shadow of a Hedgehog聽- 111 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Sonic Fan Games HQ聽- 55 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic ROMS.co.uk聽- 41 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽The Super Sonic Super Site聽- 33 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Sonic PC聽- 24 VOTES

    Fan Game Developer Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Team Junior聽- 90 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Neon Chaos聽- 69 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽SimSonic聽- 35 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽SonKnuck Team聽- 30 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Cinossu聽- 22 VOTES

    Most Colourful Sonic Site Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Shadow of a Hedgehog聽- 118 VOTES
    2nd. 聽The Super Sonic Super Site聽- 67 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic Central聽- 25 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽SonKnuck's World聽- 21 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Iris & Sonic's Vacation Spot聽- 19 VOTES

    MIDI Artist of the Year Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽John Weeks聽- 109 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Knuckles X-Treme聽- 59 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Jarel Jones聽- 35 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Gerry R. Cueto, Jr.聽- 22 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Ztrop聽- 21 VOTES

    Most Evolved Website Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Shadow of a Hedgehog聽- 113 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Dirty Power聽- 88 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic Fighters聽- 24 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽ShenSonic homepage聽- 20 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Sonic Thugz聽- 12 VOTES

    Fan Fic Writer Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Netraptor聽- 87 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Tails Fan聽- 55 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Shayne Thames聽- 47 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Nicholas D. Wolfwood聽- 32 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Kevin Lu聽- 26 VOTES

    Favourite Forum Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Mobius Forum [MoFo]聽- 63 VOTES
    2nd. 聽SoaH City聽- 56 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽tSf MB聽- 50 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽SFGHQ General Discussion聽- 44 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽MoogleMB.com聽- 41 VOTES

    Fan Comic Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Adventure 2聽- 66 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Shadow the Comic聽- 63 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Other-M聽- 57 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽I like Pie聽- 56 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Sonic Shadows聽- 38 VOTES

    Fan's Hero Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Guy聽- 69 VOTES
    2nd. 聽SimSonic聽- 57 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Shayne Thames聽- 46 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Zin聽- 37 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽_StreetSonic_聽- 36 VOTES

    Sonic MP3 Remix Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Ice Cap Theme [Frozen Knuckles Mix] - Rayza聽- 69 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Sonic 3 & Knuckles Boss Remix - DJGamer2K聽- 54 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic 2 - Underground Zone - SSNTails聽- 45 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Sonic 1 - Lightning Star OC Remix - Jaxx聽- 41 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Sonic 3 Act 1 Boss [Sonic Does Chronic Mix] - Rayza聽- 33 VOTES

    Favourite Webmaster Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Neon Chaos聽- 87 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Sonic Adventurer聽- 72 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Rlan聽- 70 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽CyberSonic708聽- 24 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽JL聽- 9 VOTES

    Sonic Artist Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Sonic Adventurer聽- 110 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Darkspeeds (Elson Wong)聽- 48 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Generation8聽- 37 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Johnathon L.聽- 28 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽NukuNukuCat聽- 27 VOTES

    Sonic Boom Box Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽tSFM Radio聽- 87 VOTES
    2nd. 聽EspioKaos.com聽- 45 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Blazefire Radio聽- 39 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Overclocked Remix聽- 39 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Sonic Spin Radio聽- 31 VOTES

    Best Sonic Hoaxer Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Pyro Sonic聽- 62 VOTES
    2nd. 聽Kulock聽- 56 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Matt the Yak聽- 51 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Andy V'Ner聽- 43 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Ultimo聽- 29 VOTES

    Worth It Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽The Moogle Cavern聽- 78 VOTES
    2nd. 聽ShenSonic Homepage聽- 46 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic Central聽- 38 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Sonic Fighters聽- 35 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽Khaoxx Media聽- 23 VOTES

    The Sonic Site Award 2002:


    1st. 聽聽Shadow of a Hedgehog聽- 110 VOTES
    2nd. 聽SonicVerse Team聽- 62 VOTES
    3rd. 聽聽Sonic Team聽- 36 VOTES
    4th. 聽聽Sonic Central聽- 33 VOTES
    5th. 聽聽ShenSonic Homepage聽- 12 VOTES

    See You Next Year!

    I'm outta time, but make sure you stick around The Sonic Stadium during 2003, it's gonna be a blast! Also, keep an eye out for The Sonic Site Awards 2003 - starting in July!

    Thanks to David Carron for making the base award images.

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