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  • Fang Hunts Big Game in Part 2 of Fang's Big Break

    The second part of the Sonic Superstars prologue comic is out now.

    Part 2 of the Sonic Superstars web comic, "Fang's Big Break," is out now. The comic features writing by Ian Flynn, art by Evan Stanley, and colors by Min Ho Kim. In this week's comic, Fang remembers his past failures involving Sonic and friends, and encounters something...big. Which he naturally attempts to shoot.

    You can read part one here. You can find this week's pages below. The third and final part of this comic will release next Monday.

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    Fang still has his pistol. Nice. 

    And we see both the Hidden Palace Altar and the open air Master Emerald shrine. Also nice. 

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    I'm really enjoying these so far.

    The characterisations, story, past event references and art are all spot on. 


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    A super No.1 washedupgamer


    It's funny how as knuckles tries to move the ME to It's new altar, fang always finds it.

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    7 hours ago, Ratchet25tx said:

    poor giant flicky,all he wanted was some grapes:sorry:

    Knuckles would love this flicky

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