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      I decided to share a screenshot of my strong af gold Chao in my copy of SA1 on Xbox. I kind of want to tidy up the features on him at some point, but I don't think I'll get rid of those bunny ears, they look too cute!

      Share your photos of perfectly-raised (and not-so-perfectly-raised) Chao on the dedicated "Raisin' Chao" Club on the Sonic Stadium
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    • Feedback Forum: Site Design Feedback Nov/Dec 2023
      I wanted to kick off a quick little topic to poll people's opinions on the site itself, and be proactive in offering a space for you guys to tell me what, design-wise, could be improved.
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    • Sonic and the Black Knight - Sort of Reimagined
      Hey, so for no particular reason, I was thinking about what S&tBK could have been. I love the game, and this isn't meant to be a critique of what actually happened. The game was honestly pretty solid imo. So basically, all that I'm doing here is giving my half baked take on a 'what if' scenario for Sonic and the Black Knight.
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