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Sonic 2006 Next Gen or Sonic Unleashed


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Okay. I deicded to officially get back into the downfall that is Sonic. YYYAAAAAAYYY! I have a PS3, PS2, Wii, and other systems that don't apply to this topic. I don't have a 360 though.

Well, let's flashback to 2007. I was playing Sonic 2006 Next Gen for my friend's 360, and thought it was a decent game despite it's horrible reviews. I only played it for a half hour to an hour though. The songs for it are awesome like "His World" the remix of "All Hail Shadow" and of course, "Dreams of an Absolution."

Then in 2009 came Sonic Unleashed. I loved the song "Endless Possiblities," and I downloaded it on my mp3 player (RIP my old mp3 player). I think I still have it on my music match jukebox program though. The whole warewolf concept seemed so cool, a pic of it was my desktop background for a while. Sadly, I NEVER played the game. Chip seems adorable I must add.

So here's the deal, if I buy Sonic Next Gen 2006, it'll be for the PS3 cause I don't own a 360. If I buy Sonic Unleashed, it'll be for the PS3. Why? Because I heard the Wii/PS2 version sucked (no offence Wii/PS2 lovers, this is just what I heard).

I seem to be a sucker for really bad games (in other words, I always end up LOVING them), so I will tend to like both no matter what I buy, but seriosuly, which one is better? Just getting reccomdations from the good people at SSMB. :D

For the record, I don't care if I get banned from this forum for this horrible post. I just really like badly made games. *shrug* I know this post isn't educated enough. That's why I made this post. Oh well.

EDIT: By the way, I won't be able to get back online until Monday, so I will check back on Monday for posts. Thanks for reading.

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They are both pretty bad, but (especially because you have a PS3) STH '06 is much worse. Unplayable bad (assuming you are alive to play it after the PS3 load times). Unleashed just gets progressively more annoying and bad as the game goes on, but it starts out alright.

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I'm pretty sure most members here would agree that Unleashed is the better game, even if they don't like either of them. But there are actually a lot of members on here who like it (including me) and it was the 2nd best Sonic game of the decade according to The Sonic Stadium staff.

...Oh God, I hope this doesn't turn into another Unleashed argument thread.

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As for me, i think that way:

-Sonic 06


-great plot

-lotsa characters

-AWESOME CG scenes

-great in-game cutscenes

-very good boss battles

-awesome soundtrack

-the final fight is great



-loooooooading screens


-All characters are SLOW and Blaze is even faster than Sonic

Sonic unleashed


-daytime levels are great (i prefer them to "classic" 3D gameplay though)

-CG scenes are great(but they are better in Sonic 06 though)

-nighttime boss battles are great

-the final fight is great(Wii/Ps2)


-in-game cutscenes suck hard

-the game's plot is plain and dull

-humour sucks

-Chip drives me nuts

-Werehog sucks

-Nighttime levels suck

-"Tornado" design is BAD.

-pixarish humans are soooo ugly!

-the soundtrack sucks (except for Adabat, Holoska, Chun chan day and some other tracks)

-daytime boss battles are too monotonous

-the final fight is awful(xbox360.ps3)

Basically, that's what i think. I for one just love Sonic 06 and it's like one of my favorite Sonic games. I hate Sonic unleashed for those cons i've written about earlier.

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Unleashed for sure. It's a finished game for a start.

(Wii/PS2 version isn't a bad game by the way, just different. Most didn't like it as much because the night levels far outnumbered the day ones and the day levels are quite simplistic (not much in the way of precision platforming for example)).

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Sonic Unleashed, for sure. It's the one that's actually finished and polished, plus it has a lot more effort put into it. Some may grumble and groan about the werehog parts of the game, but I personally am fine with them. But whether you may like them or not, to each his own. :) I think you'll have a much more fun time with this game.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is just an unfinished mess. They tried to emulate the Sonic Adventure style, but it just comes off as overly dramatic and cheesy. But there are some positive aspects, and some stages are playable, if you can look past the game-breaking glitches. But in all honesty, it's very hard to look past the glitches in the gameplay, it just hurts the overall experience. So overall, Unleashed is the better choice.

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Well, things like the design of the Tornado aren't really game breaking...

How about a completely unbiased pros and cons list:

SONIC 2006


Fantastic Soundtrack.

That's about it...


Horrific loading times

Havok engine is applied to FUCKING EVERYTHING, rings fly away whilst trying to collect them for example

Every character besides Sonic, Shadow and Blaze controls like ass

Stage designs are dull and uninspired

Lacks any charm whatsoever, don't go into this game expecting checkered hills and surreal environments, you aren't getting them here

Storyline is so poorly written that it doesn't make any logical sense

Boss battles are horrible, Iblis stage 2 will make you want to hang yourself

There is no feeling of satisfaction throughout the game at all, you are never rewarded for doing anything

Town stages are dull

Eggman has udders for no apparant reason




Up to and including Spagonia the daytime stages are fantastic

Good soundtrack but nothing special

Alot of the dialogue is funny and well written

Fantastic graphics


Everything past Spagonia

Everything that takes place at Night-time

Daytime gameplay punishes you for going fast, despite being the point of the game

Quick time events are pointless and often kill you for incorrect input

Once again no feeling of satisfaction, you are never rewarded for doing anything

Town stages are dull

Boss battles are just as bad as 06's, often required use of a QTE to defeat the boss

Final boss battle is the worst in the entire franchise, requiring you to beat 3 tediously long bosses in sucession with no save point inbetween


Buy Allstars Racing instead or buy a decent Sonic game like Secret Rings, Rivals 1 or either Rush.

OR even better just get HGSS.

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Every character besides Silver and Shadow controls like ass

Edited for accuracy :V

More power to you if you could control Sonic and Blaze, cause I sure couldn't. Also the only problem with Silver was that they cut his speed upgrade. (the rest are design flaws)

Also Unleashed is FAR superior. You can see the polish everywhere. Also, I don't care what the haters say, Werehog's gameplay was AWESOME. For me it's easily the highlight of the game (because daytime was a complete mess)

I'd aim for Unleashed, and All Stars Racing. Also if you must have the storybook games, you should pirate them(but buy the soundtracks), as they are complete garbage.

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Unleashed has its problems, but it's still a competent game. '06 is broken and makes grown men weep.

Seriously, if you're okay with the werehog, you're already over the biggest hurdle towards enjoying Unleashed. You still have to put up with medal hunting to open stages, you might not particularly like the full-speed daytime gameplay or the brawler-platformer nighttime gameplay, but at least there's a game worth playing in there. It's fairly polished, has a great visual style, a simple (relative to '06, anyway) but enjoyable plot, and is generally fun to play.

The only joy '06 is going to give you is of the masochistic persuasion. It's broken from start to finish. It's ugly, poorly written, buggy, clumsy, tedious, and has some of the most absurd load times I've ever seen (11% of the game is spent staring at the loading screen. I'm not even joking). Even if you do like bad games, I'd really recommend you save your money and just watch the LP I linked above.

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Between the two games, you're better off with Unleashed. If you can find some enjoyment in the werehog, you've made one of the main two obstacles of the game a cakewalk (Eggmanland, however, will make you rethink that tho).

Sonic 06 is only good for one play through from my perspective, even if you're virtually glitch free. After you beat the game, you're not given much of anything else to want to play through it again. Unleashed isn't exactly spared from this, but it has more to come back to if you do so happen to want to replay it.

SONIC 2006




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He's joking about the kiss scene lol. That was a huuuuge deal in the Sonic fandom a while back, because people are morons. 8I

Oh I think everyone should know how big a deal it was even to this day.

I was a little suspicious that he was unintentionally trying to restart the whole bawling over the scene, so I couldn't tell if it was a joke. :lol:

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cool Eggman design (cool robots as well)

pretty decent level design

fantastic soundtrack

pretty good graphics


dreadful buggy, slow and near-physicsless gameplay (that ruins the decent level design)

horrid melodramatic storyline

30 second loading times, that happen rather frequently

framerate can lower at times down to 3 FPS (this happened with Silver in Castle Town at one point of a mission)

too many unneccesary characters

Princess Elise and the humans look like walking and talking corpses (minus Eggman)


daytime stages are rather fun, although somewhat trial-and-error

nighttime stages are, although unneccesary, really fun actually

great soundtrack

fantastic HD graphics with a charming art style

humans look great and lively, like from a Pixar movie

storyline is pretty decent

Chip is actually pretty funny and a good sidekick


like said, nighttime stages, while fun, are unneccesary and sometimes tedious

Werehog fight music is rather repetitive

Chip is cool, but he takes too much screentime from Tails, who's just a soulless pilot

glitches and framerate drops get gradually worse as you progress through the game, but it's still okay

level design in daytime stages can be a little too boost-centric and trial-and-error based


Unless if you really just want a game because Eggman and his robots look cool and the soundtrack is nice.

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Well, things like Eggman's udders aren't really game breaking...

While Princess (屮ʘДʘ)屮 has some points, i guess no one can write an unbiased review or opinion about any Sonic game^^.

Speaking about the stories in both games.. Well, if you ask me, the plot in Sonic 06 is great, but it is poorly implemented. The plot in Sonic unleashed, on the other hand, is dull but it's realization is great, so..it's up to you which one to choose.

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Chip is cool, but he takes too much screentime from Tails, who's just a soulless pilot
Actually I liked what they did with Tails. Sure, it'd be nice to see him tagging along with Sonic more often, but Unleashed is one of the few games that actually recognizes his development from the Adventures and gives him a life outside of Sonic.
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Even if you're a sucker for bad games, I wouldn't dare recommend Sonic '06. Not only is the gameplay and story awful, but it's unplayable.

The game's loaded with glitches. I had about a 20% chance of completing Wave Ocean without Sonic running off the the last loop for no reason.

There's ridiculously frequent load times. The "Don't get hit trial" with Sonic was the most fustrating experience I've had this generation. One little 'mistake' (I have to fight the game to play it so not really my fault) and BAM, 4 annoying load screens.

And the amigos are just...I don't even know what to say. But trying to actually kill enemies with any of them (other than Blaze and Omega) is just torture. Especially Knuckles.

Definitely go for Unleashed. Werehog is average and takes up half the game, but it's very much competent. Certainly not an issue if you managed to get through treasure hunting, shooting, fishing, or...well, ANYTHING the Adventure games used for filler. Same goes for story.

The Daytime Stages are a blast, the best thing Sonic's done in 3D. If you don't mind linearity, you should have a lot of fun.

As for Unleashed Wii, it's tolerable but completely lacks the 'wow' factor that the HD version has. Pretty bland, but OK. It is easier though. Might want to consider that as Eggmanland HD is a bit brutal.

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I'd easily say that Sonic 06 should not to be purchased. The characters are too slow, the plot is convoluted, the camera is horrid, the loading times are uncalled for, the music (in my sole opinion because no one agrees) is boring and doesn't seem to fit for a Sonic game. I believe they tried to hard, even though Silver's theme is simply amazing. I played it and I did NOT like it.

I really loved Unleashed. I found it to be the best Sonic game I had played in years. Now it's not Sonic Adventure or its sequel but I thought it was pretty damned good. However, it's not for everyone. Many people find were-hogging to be stupid and monotonous, and I can admit it took me some to get into night levels, but I'd say give it a chance. Maybe you should rent them both and then choose, I did.

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At my point of view. Sonic 06 is a unfinished barley playable game. I wouldn't even look in its direction. The only thing it had going was probably the boss battles and music. But other then that its bleh.

Now Unleashed is a much better game compare to 06. Of course its not the most perfect game but if your just looking at the day time levels, thats how a 3D Sonic game should be. The werehog stages are long and dull. Same enemies over and over again. But the other half is fantastic! Wii or PS3 versions for Unleashed is worth the buy. I actually saw unleashed for 20 bucks at best buy and toys r us the other day. Might want to take a gander at it.

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Is this even a legit question? There's absolutely no doubt that Sonic Unleashed is a much better game. And I liked Sonic '06 for the most part.

Can't help but laugh at people saying both games are bad.

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Can't help but laugh at people saying both games are bad.

I personally wouldn't say Unleashed is bad, although the fake difficulty as you progress in later stages would be reason enough for why some people call it bad. It's far from unplayable, but it can certainly be cheap.

I find it a small step above the average games we got before, but at the same time it's really lacking that flavor I always thought Sonic could have. When I looked at the trailers, it looks as though they had it, but that was just my abnormally high expectations getting the best of me.

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I'd get Sonic '06...but only if you can get it for $5 or less.

The game had too many problems. But I like it's direction more than I did Unleashed. I like the Sonic Adventure style gameplay better than "Sonic Rush in 3D plus everything bad about the other 3D games in the form of nightime stages" thing unleashed had. But the load times, horrible controls for every amigo who wasn't Blaze, glitches, and that FUCKING pyramid ball puzzle for Silver forces me to recommend Unleashed over 06. Aside from that last one though, it seems like a simple patch could have fixed it. I don't think that game was beyond saving. Nobody tried though.

It was '06 that made me stop blindly defending every little thing about Sonic games that got bashed.

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