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Questions about SEGA All Stars Achievments.

Leon K Fox

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Heya guys, I've heard of this kind kind of thing happening on other games on the 360 from a friend of mine, and was wondering if anyone here could help me out.

Basically, on SEGA All Stars Racing there's an achievment known as "Ghost Master" which you get for beating a staff ghost on every time trial course. The game also has a menu for monitor your progress on each individual achievment, so I know for a fact that I've done this on all 24 of the courses.

Yet...it isn't giving me the achievment :S Has anyone else had this happen to them and/or know a way to fix it?

Also in case I have to restart it on a new save, I need to know, do you get the "Ultimate Collection" achievment for having all of the achievments in the game achievment tracker or the gamercard? I need to know as 3 of the secret ones aren't appearing as unlocked on the in game one. If it's the gamercard I can make a new save and beat all the tracks again.

Thanks in advance guys. :)

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I'm worried that I won't get my "Ultimate Collection" Achievement once I finally get my Gold License, as my Sonic Unleashed Achievement isn't in the tracker, but on my gamercard. :huh:

I'm sure they'll be a patch along with the DLC before long, as the Dreamarena Trophy on the PS3 version is reported to be broken. :mellow:

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The DS version has challenges instead. Anyone clear them? I'm missing six. All four online achievements, the complete all other challenges achievement, and one which I can't come close to beating - the destroy 13 giant eggs on Icicle Valley with Billy Hatcher. HOW are you supposed to do this? There's three eggs on a straightaway. That means you can't use your drift boost, and even if you manage to keep your boost from the jump above, it's not enough to bust through all of them. Do you need a speed shoe to do it? Even if you set the laps to five, that's still only 15 eggs. There's no room for error, and it's already near impossible!

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