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Random Thought: E-123 Omega and SA-55 "Ergo" cutscenes


My idea of an Omega and Ergo interaction  

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Okay, this idea of mine, which would most likely work better as a short by Sega's new animation studios (the ones who made Night of the Werehog and those three secret cutscenes in Sonic Unleashed), is not really supposed to be taken like I told Sega to use this idea (which I have not, needless to say). So don't get fan butthurt if you don't like this idea, okay?

Okay, either an in game cutscene or a VE animation studio short, I had this idea of mine..

Now, for those who have actually played Sonic Unleashed instead of not buying the game because the "Werehog" was in it, you may know about SA-55, one of Dr. Eggman's robots known by the fans as Ergo (for the constant use of that word). Now, before I go on with this idea of mine, I want to state the obvious and mention E-123 Omega, who we all know is the last of the E-100 series who was shut down by Eggman and left in an abandoned base, and when a certain bat accidentally reactivated Omega, he tried to kill Shadow, thinking he was an Eggman Robot. Since then, Omega has been hell bent on killing Eggman for abandoning him like that and boasted his desire to wipe out all of Eggman's robots.

Now, here is my idea of some comic relief scenes, either made by VE animation studios or as an in-game cutscene. I know that some people before have said that Ergo's chemistry works better with Eggman, but aside from that, let me explain this idea.

This idea of a series of comic relief cutscenes revolves around Omega, who encounters Ergo in a random place (doing something that Eggman, who is nearby, told him to do), and upon telling Omega that he is an Eggman robot, Omega abruptly tries to destroy Ergo, who bounces away (like he did in that last cutscene with Eggman in Sonic Unleashed) to avoid Omega's bullets. In such scenes, a rather Tom and Jerrish scene occurs, with Omega trying to destroy Ergo, ONLY for Ergo to find a way to use his surroundings to have Omega shoot at, which in turn, falls and crushes on the giant E-100 bot. Otherwise, Omega would be tricked by Ergo to hit a switch that causes something to knock him over from behinds, or many other things that Ergo could do to have Omega humiliate himself when trying to destroy Ergo.

Now, honestly, since this would be more cartoonish, Omega does not get seriously damaged or destroyed himself. He just keeps trying to destroy Ergo, only to humiliate himself more (and ends up being laughed at by Ergo for his EVERY attempt).

Well this is more of a series of scene than one cutscene by itself, nor would just have Omega try just once (but more times) per cutscene.

Anyway, this is just idea I had on interactions with Omega and Ergo. Some people have already told me that Ergo's chemistry works better with Eggman, so there is not really any need to say that, for I am aware of such opinions. Also, please don't get butthurt against me for how I think Omega would act in these cut scenes.

So, how do you like my idea?

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Omega> "Ergo". No contest. 'Nuff said.

I think you just read the topic title instead of the content within.

This is not a battle poll topic, ya know.

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I think it's silly, and not in the good way. Omega doesn't seem like a good choice for physical comedy, unless it's him blowing things up.

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I'd much rather have a scene with Omega and SA-55 arguing, with SA-55 getting flustered at Omega's simple way of thinking and Omega getting confused by SA-55's reasoned opinions.

Tom and Jerry style slapstick humour at such a great length would just feel forced in a Sonic game. It's alright for a one-off if very well timed (for example, Sonic tapping a robot off a cliff in 2006's intro was awesome), but generic stuff for a prolonged period of time is a bit too much.

Having said that, it'd prolly amuse the kids plenty and they need humour too. My little sister watched the cut-scene of Eggman being hit in the face by a rock in Unleashed about ten times she found it so funny.

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