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Gamespot want your questions for SEGA

Detective Shadzter

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Copy and pasted from my TSS article -

Gamespot have a nice treat lined up for SEGA fans this Christmas/New Year period as they are visiting SEGA HQ in Japan and interviewing some of their top developers about what they have planned for 2010.

Gamestop aren’t stopping there though, they want to get the fans involved so their asking for you to send in your questions to put to Sega’s head of consumer business and the developers of 4 of their biggest games they have lined up for 2010 with one of the developers being the producer for Sonic Unleashed namely Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Gamespots one rule is -

"Remember: We want clear and intuitive questions that will translate well and give other readers an insight into the development process and the games."

The interview line-up is as follows -

Game: Yakuza 3

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer Interview: Toshihiro Nagoshi

Game: Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll

Platform: Wii

Developer Interview: Yasuhito Baba

Game: Resonance of Fate

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Developer Interview: Tri-Ace Studios

Game: Valkyria Chronicles 2

Platform: PSP

Developer Interview: Sega

Sega head of consumer business: Naoya Tsurumi

Gamespot will also be having an exclusive chat with Naoya Tsurumi, former CEO of Sega America and now head of consumer business for the publisher.

No date is given as to when Gamespot will stop taking questions but they explain when some of the answers will be posted -

Make sure you check back here the week starting December 21 to see some of your questions answered. Finally, stay tuned for all the Sega coverage, including previews and video interviews launching on GameSpot on December 28!

So best to start sending your questions in now rather than later. Another piece of confusion is where do fans submit their questions? Well Gamespot forgot to mention that too so it’s to be assumed their to be posted in the comments section of the article so you’ll have to sign up on their website which is free to do.


Now what question should I submit? Hmm…

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Interesting... Well here's what I asked them to ask::

May you ask Yasuhito Baba on Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll possibly one or more of the following questions?

-How did the idea for using the Balance Board for Super Monkey Ball come about?

-What type of multiplayer functions are you planning for the game?

(and here's an interesting one which I don't think would be asked otherwise)

-Super Monkey Ball's levels have always been colorful, creative and yet challenging with puzzles implemented in with careful maneuvering. What is the process used when you come up with a new stage for Super Monkey Ball?

Hope at least one of those get answered, but very interesting way to do it.

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Gamespot have started posting up some of their SEGA interviews, they say they'll have a Sonic related interview up in the coming week.

We'll also have an exclusive interview with Sega head of consumer business Naoya Tsurumi to talk things House of Sonic.


They have a piece of Sonic art at the top right of the page I don't recall seeing before.


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I don't have any questions for the company regarding those particular games, so I'll ask some general questions instead:

1. When are you going to make Sonic not suck?

1. When is the Dreamcast 2 being released?

2. Where are Jet Set Radio 3, Shenmue III, Sonic Adventure 3, Vectorman 3, Dynamite Headdy 2, Ristar 2, Rez 2, Space Channel 5 Part 3, Comix Zone 2, The Ooze 2, Seaman 2 and Sonic Xtreme Outrun 3?

3. When are you going to cease manufacturing commercial sell-outs and start making enjoyable games?

4. What's Yuji Naka up to at the moment?

5. What about those SEGA Vision games that you promised us 9 months ago?


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