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Sonic Team's Open For More Sonic Remasters, Especially Fan Requested Ones

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On 6/9/2024 at 3:01 AM, MGA_Gamer said:

If they are taking requests, can I request a Tails Adventure remaster please?

Or can we get a full blown remake? I'd love to see a more modern take on the game!

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I’m like 90% sure most people were begging for a Sonic Unleashed remaster/port after Colors Ultimate. They more likely chose Generations because it’s the only other 3d boost game besides Colors that the general public enjoyed, this decision was not because of fans lol

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3 hours ago, Ty The Druid said:

Lol that's awesome. Can we have remakes of knux chaotic or sonic chaos? That'd be sick. I'd love to run through aqua lake and gigapolis again

actually, I was thinking about that too; can we get a Remaster of Chaotix? that, or add it to a collection? it almost made it to origins, that would round the collection perfectly.

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Maybe they can remake the Puyo anniversary games! Oh, wait, they just meant Sonic games? Maybe they could try to make Sonic Forces actually good or something, I dunno.

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Maybe us fans could push ourselves and do very much to get heard so that obscure Sonic games like Knuckles Chaotix, SegaSonic Arcade and even the Game Gear/Master System Sonic titles can get remastered. It will probably not happen, and it would need a lot of pushing, but it would be cool to see those games get remastered.

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