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Return of Wentos the scandelous travelling salesman


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It's very old and it's very questionable as to who this dude is and if he's telling the truth... mainly because just about everything that could be validated turned out to be false.

Also... personally, if this guy does work at Sonic Team/Sega at a position higher than the chemical toilet cleaner, he's got no place working there... if you're working on something you don't go slagging it off because you don't like it. You put your all into it even if you don't like the product in question...

Acting like this guy does is nothing but counter productive and in the end will make the said individual come out worse when it comes to his future attempts at getting on products if everything he does ends up being shit because he wants to bitch and moan about it to the people who he should be trying to please.

Also for anyone who wants to question the intelligence of this man...

At one point he says that he doesn't want to give away his identity... then a few lines later he says "Oh I came up with this!"

So all what someone has to do is go and check the notes/minuets of that meeting... What a moby...

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This is interesting, to say the least, he also mentions that he's not leaving /v/ anytime soon, so could he still be there? If so, I would personally want to ask a few things that he knows, but quite frankly, I don't want to get into a bawfest with the rest of the Sonic community if I say something that makes the channers all butthurt or something. :T

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I used to believe it, but now I've thought it through some, it just doesn't add up. Number one, both Sonic Teams are mostly Japanese, and this guy speaks as if he's not only very fluent English, but also like he's frequently among the Sonic community. I'm sure it's not that farfetched, but it does make me skeptical. Plus a lot of SEGA workers probably don't even get this much inside info on the games, he'd have to be pretty high up. He's also a little inconsistent...

Somehow I've managed to avoid /v/ for a good month now. I blame TSS' revival xD Even though I'm sure avoiding /v/ is a good thing.

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Eh, I'm not going to believe anyone who doesn't at least have proof of the game existence like screenshots, gameplay vids, or at least websites that have the information.

So yeah not gonna believe him just because he says "I know a guy who knows a guy" or claims to be part of the game's creators or some BS like that without any validity.

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