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Crocs Releasing Sonic-Themed Clogs and Charms in New Collaboration


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Fancy getting some funky new footwear to show off this summer? Well, fashionable shoemaker Crocs will have you covered. In a brand new collaboration with SEGA, you will soon be able to buy a set of Sonic-themed clogs, as well as a variety of character charms to decorate them with.


The clog design itself is classic Crocs all over - with the colour of the shoes matching Sonic the Hedgehog's iconic red sneakers. The kicks also feature a white trim to suit Sonic's red-and-white footwear, too. It looks like the Crocs come complete with a set of charms in the box - you can see chili dogs, rings and Chaos Emeralds adorning the shoes in the image above there.

Crocs' Sonic clogs come in three different sizes - Toddlers ($44.99), Kids ($49.99) and Adult ($59.99) - so everyone in the family can wear matching shoes while on the beach.

And if you wanted to give the shoes even more flair, you can purchase additional charms - known as 'Jibbitz' for some reason - for the princely sum of $4.99 a piece (or $19.99 for a set of five). That way, you can push Sonic to one side and decorate your Crocs with your actual favourite character.

The Crocs and Jibbitz will be available for sale in the US on May 23, and will launch on May 24 in the rest of the world. You can head to the Crocs website to get yourself a pair.

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I've never worn crocs before, are they comfortable? Would like to buy these 

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Oh heck yeah! I’ve been wearing crocs since I was around 7, so this is a dream come true to me! Can’t wait for them to release.

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I've just been speaking to Crocs UK live chat this morning If they doing the Adults version online. Unfortunately they are not doing the Adults sizes but only the kids sizes they are doing. That's a shame really was looking forward to buying them In the Adults size.


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Finally after searching the Adults sizes are now available to buy on Amazon UK but they are Imported and shipped by Amazon US themselves and Import charges are Included. They cost different prices on various sizing when selected.

You can buy them here Amazon UK Sonic Crocs I hope this helps everyone.

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