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Zone Guides: Sonic the Hedgehog (16-Bit)


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This walkthrough will tell all about the hazards in each act of every zone and will help you find the best way of tackling the levels. At the end of every zone there is a boss stage, in which you will have to find out a pattern in order to defeat it. In this guide you will also be able to find out what each bosses weaknesses are, and the best way to attack. It doesn't matter if you have either the Mega Drive or Genesis version - they're both the same console, and both the same game. Alrighty, let's get started.

Green Hill Zone


The easiest level of all, just take it fast through this level. There are enemies such as Buzz Bombers and others that'll try and attack you, just keep your speed through all 3 acts until you hit the end of act 3. There you'll meet Dr Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic, which is a small air craft with a chain attached to a swinging checker wrecker ball at the bottom, just duck under each platform until it swings to the other and jump and attack it. 8 hits will destroy the ship.

Marble Zone


One tough, long level of spikes, falling rocks, and lava! To survive just watch where you walk and be careful not to land in lava or spikes. In the last act Robotnik wants more pain, he'll suck up lava and dump it on you, each time he does just jump to the other side of the lava.

Spring Yard Zone


Now on to the tough pinball like level, with miles of springs to bounce on and off of. Watch out for the Roller's, they'll roll into you like a spin dash attack. Make it to the end and you'll have to fight Dr Robotnik with a spike on the end of his Egg-O-Matic, he'll move to the ground and break off a chunk of the platform your standing on. Jump at him when he moves down, be careful to destroy his ship before the platform breaks!

Labyrinth Zone


One of the most annoying levels of all, the under water maze. One of the most important things in this level to do is watch for bubbles and get them before you drown. You have 30 seconds before you drown, so be really careful. Get to act 3 and you'll confront Robotnik, but all you need to do is jump up and survive every trap as you watch him run away.

Star Light Zone


After finishing that level, it makes this seem fun and easy. Just run through the whole level, be careful not to fall and go boom. Make it to Robotnik, he'll throw spikey bombs at you, it'll hit a platform that you can jump on a launch the spikes at Robotnik to destroy his ship!

Scrap Brain Zone


The hardest of the levels, be careful or you'll get smashed. There is electricity every where, be careful not to get toasted either. If you survive Robotnik will send you underwater, remember to use your skills from the Labyrinth Zone. There is no boss in this zone.

Final Zone


The final fight agianst the Eggman Robotnik! There'll be 4 pistons that'll try to smash you, to survive go to the far right or left corner and hit Robotnik when he comes down. A red light will light up and 4 fireballs with try to attack you, after 8 hits to Robotnik, his machine will be destroyed and you'll be able to sit back and watch the ending.

To get the good ending you need all six Chaos Emeralds located in the Special Stage. To get the Bad Ending you need five or less Chaos Emeralds to, well lose.

Special Zone


Collect 50 or more rings in Acts 1 or 2 throughout Green Hills Zone to Labyrinth Zone and you will find a giant gold ring by your finish marker. Pass the marker to complete the stage, then quickly jump through the ring to enter the special stage. The special stage is a 360 degree anti grav zone, and takes some mastering to get the hang of.

Learn how to move as the screen slowly spins around, this way you can easily avoid the 'Goal' markers, which means you leave the zone with nothing but the rings you collected. Finish the level and you'll find the current Chaos Emerald encased within diamonds. Hit the diamonds in order to break them - they turn several colours before breaking, so patience is the greatest virtue here.

There are six Chaos Emerald Special Stages to complete, and other obstacles will get in your way or hinder your progress such as bumpers, 'Reverse' spots, or speed up/speed down rotation spots. Collect 50 rings in the Special Stage to grab a continue, in case you falter in later levels. Collect all six Emeralds to see the better ending to Sonic 1.


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