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Community Interview: 'Sotsu' Fan Fiction Writer Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Andrew P
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This topic was good and got turned into Community Interview: 'Sotsu' Fan Fiction Writer Nicholas D. Wolfwood at some point.

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Welcome to a new series of features on The Sonic Stadium called Community Interviews. Here, we pick some of the most active and talented people in the Sonic internet community and chat with them about what they do and their interest in the blue blur. First up is Nicholas D. Wolfwood, who is the creator of the long-running fan fiction series, Sotsu. It's also the name of Dreadknux's favourite character in Trigun.

TSS: Hey, Andrew here, and Nicholas D. Wolfwood has taken time to do an exclusive interview with The Sonic Stadium. Thanks for joining, NDW.

NDW: Thanks for doing this...

TSS: No problemo, but to those who never heard of you, well then they must not read much Sonic related Fan Fiction. Tell us what you do in the Sonic Internet Community.

NDW: Well I mainly just work on my fanfic Sotsu. But off and on I try to do request art. But I am usually shown up by the several great artists out there. That's why I write instead of draw. I mainly stick to message boards. TSF, SHQ, and of course here.

TSS: Lots of people read your Fan Fiction series called Sotsu. How did you start out and what gave you the idea of mixing Sonic characters into the story lines?

NDW: Mainly it was inspired by fanfics I read. Fanfics such as Sand & Light (TRIGUN related) and several Monster Rancher fics.

But then I stumbled across Mr. Kevin Lu's fics. It maintained the basic, Earth-person-stuck-on-Mobius-turned-furry plot which is in many Sonic fics. But one thing Mr. Lu did that caught my attention was he gave them... not DBZ powers, not Sailor Moon powers, but set psychic powers that depended on the person's traits in some fashion.

This got me interested and I decided to take off with my own series. Since I liked writing, it being the only thing I'm good at, I began Sotsu.

TSS: You're currently writing your 40th chapter of Sotsu, which is very high since most Fictions won't even get into double figures. What makes Sotsu keep its storylines fresh as a long running series of fictions?

NDW: Well it's mainly that I focus most of my time thinking about it. Those who've read it know there are many many things still to be explained. Not only that but I have a small source of help named Mewy. She gives me a few concepts to play with. A few I've molded out into great lengths, such as the idea of Skara.

And frankly, I love writing. Sotsu is a piece of me now. It's become a big part of my life. I mean it's like you and your site.

TSS: Sounds like Sotsu is an important part of fans of the 'Stadium. I get emails every once in a while about when Sotsu will come out next and so on, so you better look to NDW for that answer. I know you love to write Sotsu and add on to the very interesting stories inside it, but have you ever started a smaller series just for fun?

NDW: Yes, but not Sonic related. The third fanfic I started was called Flametorch. It was a TRIGUN-based fanfic that went to Chapter 5 and died quickly. In fact, Sotsu was intended just to be something to hold me over the last bit of Summer, for something to do. Turns out now it's becoming an online novel - or even more so, an epic of mass proportions. Well, that's life for you I guess. You get stuff... and it changes on you with near random results.

TSS: You were a big TRIGUN fan before you ran into the Sonic fandom, but to those who have never read Sotsu, how would you explain it if it was on a back of a movie box? Would it be action, drama, an adventure?

NDW: TRIGUN? Well that's all action really. It's like sticking Outlaw Star through a Western and taking out all the stupid semi-romance junk they had. I can't really explain the show too much. And I try to not use TRIGUN references anymore.

But I still love the show, and I still like to take bits of it every so often. But really not much at all now. I've become mainly independent from needing sources of inspiration. I seem to have something that totally works for me now.

TSS: Sotsu seems like a very excellent fiction, one of the best and easily could be the best in my opinion. Do you plan on doing other things in the Sonic Internet Community? I've heard you are soon going to start a website, Mewy being your banner/image creator. What will be on this website and will you keep your fans of your site up to date on future Sotsu chapters and put them on the site?

NDW: Well all I can say is that if I begin a site it'll be slow to build and it'll never be anything too big. Between Taekwondo, writing and school I'm hardly managing to get anything else done. I mean right now it's going on 11:30pm here and I still need to brush my teeth. Er... But if/when I make the site I'll make sure the fans of it are kept up to date with the latest on my works.

TSS: Do you also follow the SEGASonic or any other Sonic Universe? Are you a big fan of any?

NDW: To tell you the truth I like the characters of the SEGASonic verse more then Archie. But aside from that I'm an ArchieSonic verse fan. Even then... the main thing that keeps me in Sonic is fan-related work. I believe it might have been the wise words of Mr. Drazen that said; "Archie should hand it over to the fans." Sorry if I'm not accurate on that. But it was something similar.

TSS: The writers at Archie are very busy with their storylines, what would you say you like most about their storylines and worst?

NDW: I can't really say too much. I've only got issue 0-75 or so. But I do like their characters a good amount. Mainly the villians. One thing SEGASonic needs to stock up on is more (or better) villians. The worst I must say are what they are doing to Knuckles presently. He was suppose to be the Ultimate Villian and right now he's not be very villian-y. But hey... I'm just a kid what do I know?

TSS: It's been very fun interviewing you, NDW. I know your getting a bit tired, it's about 12. So your going on number 40 of the Sotsu Fan Fiction Series, what will we see in the future of Sotsu, and to expect later?

NDW: Don't worry about time Mr. H. School doesn't start until late tomorrow so I get to sleep in. It's only about 11:40 or so anyways.

About Sotsu's future... a LOT more plot twists. Hopefully more cameos by other fan-made characters (not of my own). And... stuff I don't wanna spoil 🙂 Aside from better writing, better plots, and overall better stuff. I can't say much. Also yes, this interview has been pretty neat.

I can't wait to read Mr. WB's interview. He's been a big inspiration to me, in a rather odd way. I guess I look up to him as a symbol of determination. I mean, the guy seems to have been doing fan-stuff for years (I'm not really sure, I'm more or less guessing). Also I guess I wish to be like him someday. I'll keep working at it, perhaps I'll get there. Only the future can really tell.

TSS: Tell us about Sotsu, who he is and why you decided to create him as the star of your fiction?

NDW: Seeing as most fan-made characters are based on the people that make them... I based Sotsu highly off me. Sotsu isn't the only character based off someone. The characters Wolf, Evi-Tanoted and Remoan are based off my three closest friends. It's a shame none of those three bothered reading Sotsu.

Also I figured Sotsu could serve as an outlet of my own real life thoughts. Kinda like a biography in disguise. But the main crux of it is that it's fun "being" Sotsu when I write. I enjoy using him a lot.

TSS: Those of you who do know, Sotsu (a black echidna with the black suit and those cool looking clear blue tinted sunglasses) are like NDW himself. You also wear blue tinted sunglasses and wear black as well?

NDW: Mainly. As I've said, he's highly based off me. As far as his gold eyes to his silver earring (which isn't even visible). I mean if anyone were to read Sotsu and then see me in real life, they would most likely know me to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Though that isn't my real name. Even the other three characters have bits and pieces of their real life counterparts in them.

TSS: Most authors of books and fiction usually do not use their real name, though rather a pen name. Do you ever read other fictions of Sonic fans, and which would be your favorite?

NDW: Plenty. One is 'Shredded Angel', writtien by Mewy. Though that's a little unfair for me to say it's my favorite, because it's based off of Sotsu. Others that I really like are Tailsfan, who made 'Karma and Slash' which might be making an appereance in Sotsu soon. And NetRaptor, a major inspiration to me.

TSS: Tons of Sonic fiction writers are asking to have their created characters in Sotsu. Even I had a character of mine in it.

NDW: Not tons, but a good handful yes. Though I believe many are blindly adding their characters. 'Blindly' meaning they haven't, or aren't going to read Sotsu. Those who do know I shall make great use of their characters. I really thank those who do submit their characters and read Sotsu - those are people who are smart and taking advantage of what I offer.

TSS: Which you offer a great fan fiction that has given you a good name in the Sonic Community. This has been a very good interview, but I'm running outta time so... to people who havent read Sotsu: do it, because it'll be worth your time. Thanks for speaking with me Nicholas.

NDW: Thank you Mr. H for your time. It's been great. Take care all of you and God Bless! Until next time... C'ya!

To read Sotsu and Nicholas' stories in full, check out his personal website here.

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