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Japanese Exclusive Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000 Gets English Fan Patch


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It is turning into a surprisingly active year for Samba de Amigo. In addition to the brand new game announced last month, the ever-impressive Dreamcast community has released an English conversion for the system’s Japanese-exclusive expanded version, Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000.

This conversion was put together and released on Github by dukeblooder. You can find the patch over at Romhacking.net, and find instructions and additional information on the conversion here.

This conversion isn’t a translation, per se. Instead, dukeblooder has simply replaced the Japanese original’s text images with their English equivalents from the US/PAL versions of the 2008 Wii release. This method was able to convert most of the game into English, though it is constrained by some limitations.

The internet page is still in Japanese, the results screen for the “Love Love” mini game is still in Japanese, and the Volleyball mini game voiced instructions were removed. Despite that, this game is now fully playable to English speakers for the first time ever.

The game is playable on an emulator, and should be playable on Dreamcast hardware, though we haven’t tried that out yet. CD Romance posted a tweet showing off the patch in action:

Check out some images from the conversion below:

samba2000-1.png samba2000-2.png samba2000-3.png samba2000-4.png samba2000-5.png

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