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Takashi Iizuka Promoted With New Title in SEGA Sammy Executive Shake-Up

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Takashi Iizuka Promoted With New Title in SEGA Sammy Executive Shake-Up at some point.

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SEGA Sammy will be naming Takashi Iizuka as an Executive Officer of the company starting 1 April 2023, according to a new corporate notice to investors.

When the new financial year begins, Iizuka - who has previously held leadership roles at Sonic Team as well as a key production officer at the wider SEGA organisation - will be given the title of Executive Officer (Sonic Creative Officer, SEGA of America, Inc.). It is listed as a newly-elected position.

Of course, for many years now Iizuka’s job has adapted to reflect his work within the Sonic Brand team - even relocating to SEGA’s American office to lead the Brand team’s creative efforts. So this news counts as a formalisation of that changing role.

We see it as a promotion, ourselves, so we’ll just say - congratulations Iizuka-san!

Source: SEGA Sammy IR Notice

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Good for him. I hope this gives Iizuka more power over the franchise. The guy has been grafting for it forever. I don't agree with all of his creative decisions, but on the whole he's done the series good, especially in recent years. The strong performance of Frontiers despite its protracted development cycle and reception of the movies probably had something to with it. 

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Iizuka has made a lot of strange choices, but he clearly has the best interests of the series in mind, and I have a suspicion that his delay for Frontiers saved that game from being a complete mess. I hope this means that some of the more corporate aspects of the series can be a bit more subdued. Sonic is always cool when it leans into the idiosyncrasies of passionate creators.

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